The Millesima website’s wine and champagne purchasing experience.

Bordeaux has been an expert in the sale of premium wines and en primeur since 1983. The primary objective of Millesima is to offer our customers wines that are purchased directly from the producer. Each case will have only been in two households before it comes at your door—the producing estate and our cellar, and you can choose for self based on your chosen wines and champagnes because our bicentennial cellar offers each bottle the greatest storage conditions. You will get guarantees on the wines’ provenance and perfect storage conditions by choosing Millesima, both of which are essential when purchasing great wines, especially for older vintages.

Wine is bought “en primeur” (early in the summer following the vintage), even though it won’t be bottled and distributed for another 12 to 18 months. This is a quite peculiar and, perhaps, the obscure technique of buying and selling. In this article, we are going to see about the En-primeur wine history and the primitive factors of the wines and champagnes in the upcoming sessions. Continue reading to know more about En-primeur wine.

What are the perks of selling Wine En primeur and Champagnes?

The foundation of the En Primeur system is conjecture. By betting on the wine’s rising worth when it is released two years later, buyers are taking a chance. As a result, they must be able to recognize the first indications of a great wine very early in the maturation process. But by taking this chance, they gain access to highly sought-after Grands Crus Classés, whose values will likely skyrocket once they are made available to the public. According to estimates, savings of up to 30% can be achieved when compared to the cost of a bottle of wine.

Participating in En Primeur week offers wineries a financial advance as well as unparalleled visibility, which is another advantage. The opportunity for the wine business to learn about the most recent Bordeaux vintage is En Primeur, which has gained international recognition. During this special week, there is a lot on the line for both the estates and Bordeaux wine retailers.

The En Primeur selling philosophy

Selling wines En Primeur is a Bordeaux-only practice those dates back to the 18th century. This odd method entails selling wine in chateau cellars while it is still maturing. Even though they can only be bottled and distributed after a year or two years later, wines from the previous vintage are displayed in the spring. Bordeaux En Primeur is comparable to making a wine reservation.

En Primeur stands out from Primeur, or earlier start wines, which are bottled and offered for sale prior to the next harvest, due to this. Taking Beaujolais as an example. Few properties most of which are Grand Cru Classé or have a comparable status are available for en primeur sales. This is roughly equivalent to 200 labels. Only Bordeaux wine retailers employ the technique, which enables customers to sample the upcoming vintage in advance and judge its quality.


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