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ManjulKhattar: Intro

ManjulKhattar was born on July 20, 1998, in Gurugram, Haryana. His astrological sign at birth is Cancer. To advance his academic career, he enrolled at Gurugram’s Xion International Convent School. He graduated from Noida’s Amity University with a B.Com. (correspondence) degree.

He lip-synced in his first TikTok video, which was based on Ranbir Kapoor’s monologue from the film Rockstar. As a result of this video, ManjulKhattar developed a sizable fan base. After that, he began to upload humorous movies on his YouTube channel. He has received recognition for his work as a well-known comedian, musician, and lifestyle guru.

An accomplished musician, model, singer, and YouTuber from India is ManjulKhattar. He has a significant fan base as a result of his musical videos. On the Musically/TikTok app, he begins by uploading hilarious video clips and lip syncs. In addition, Khattar runs a YouTube channel where he posts humorous skits. He now has the backing of countless numbers of music lovers and has earned the title of “muser.” He has earned badges for his abilities as a top-tier TikTok comic and a style authority. He also publishes humorous routines on his YouTube channel. He has shown that he can sing and play the guitar. Manjul frequently receives trolls and roasts from other YouTubers as a result of his TikTok videos.

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ManjulKhattar: Creative Touch

While his father, Om Prakash Khattar, runs a company, his mother, Sneha Khattar, stays at home to raise the family. He has an older brother named AbhineetKhattar and an older sister named Ruchika Kaushik. The names of Manjul’s parents are Om and Sneha, written in Arabic calligraphy on his hand. His career is his only focus, and he is unmarried. According to reports, he and poet and actress Aashika Bhatia got along well. Manjul has proven his abilities on the guitar and in the area of singing. He frequently receives mockery and degrading remarks as a result of his use of numerous social media platforms.


Life At Best

His zodiac sign is cancer. Because the moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign, men may display exceptionally high degrees of emotional sensitivity. Many of their male counterparts would be absolutely lost when it comes to responsibilities like romance and parenthood, but they might be able to handle them. Chivalry is still very much alive and well as long as you can convince this romantic and poetic knight in shining armour to take off his armour. a rousing, passionate, loving, and incredibly handsome man. A person with cancer has an incredible ability for emotional resilience. He will do anything to win the particular someone’s love.

This person has a great intuition and is naturally kind-hearted.Ironically, although Cancer men would shun whatever they deem to be nasty, they regularly save unique treasures from the trash. Cooking tools like copper pots, top-notch knives, and attractive wooden cutting boards will be appreciated by domestic cancers because they make excellent cooks. Hand-woven blankets and gorgeous rugs will excite a man who appreciates furnishing his home to create a haven of cosiness and charm.

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