Discover Unconventional Ways to Use Your Ruby Sliders

By: Jesse C

Ruby sliders are a new product from BulbHead that takes the hassle of worrying about your furniture dragging on wooden floors and damaging them. They are typically used on chairs to allow them to slide on the floor without damage. But there are many, many more uses than just that. Read on!


Can Ruby Sliders be used on your tables?

Yes, Ruby sliders can be used on table legs. Just stretch around the table legs as you would on your chairs. Depending on the leg width, you may have to rubber band them in place to get them to stay 


Can Ruby Sliders be used on your bed?

Many bed frames don’t have wheels. In that case, use Ruby sliders to protect the floor from both the headboard and the footboard. If your bed uses the “wooden supports” for the middle of the bed, use them there too! 


Can Ruby Sliders on your pianos?

Undoubtedly! There are two types of pianos that Ruby Sliders may be used for:

  1. Stand up piano  
  2. Baby grand piano 

In either case, place the Ruby Sliders on the piano’s “feet.” It’s also not a bad idea to protect the flooring by putting them on the piano’s bench as well.  


Can Ruby Sliders be used on your desk?

It depends. Some old-fashioned desks have “legs” or “feet” that can make them difficult to move. Adding Ruby Sliders makes cleaning behind them MUCH easier. Even those without legs per se could be helped by removing them from the “cup” and putting them under with double-sided sticky tape or cutting a slit in them and stapling them to the desk, thus making it easier to move. 


Can Ruby Sliders help you “ironing board?”

Depending. If the rubber feet on the ironing board have come off, don’t throw it out; replace them with Ruby Sliders. So the ironing board sits level, replace all of the feet at once. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your TV stand?

Perhaps. TV stands typically have tiny feet to protect the floor. Protect them further by removing the Ruby Sliders from their cup and gluing it on the feet. If you have a wall-mounted TV, the same principle applies; install nano weave backing from Ruby Sliders to protect the wall.     


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your couch?

Some couches have the types of legs that Ruby Sliders can fit onto. In a similar vein, if you have an overstuffed chair with protruding legs, protect your floor by adding them onto their legs. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your standing bookshelves? 

While not all standing bookshelves have the types of legs that they’d fit on, you can cut the cups and hold them in place with Velcro tape to help prevent damage on the floor when you need to move it 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on stand-alone lamps?

Even though the main point of Ruby Sliders is to use them to grip legs, but the industrial pad can be cut off and put underneath to prevent floor damage. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your steam trunks?

If you’re willing to cut the Ruby Sliders to conform to the corners and glue them in place, yes! Steam trunks aren’t designed to be put on the floor with nothing underneath them.  


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your dresser? 

Regardless of whether your dresser has feet, you can still use Ruby Sliders on them. If it has feet, great; use Ruby sliders to attach to the feet! If not, remove the Ruby Sliders from the cup and use double-sided sticky tape on all the corners. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders padding on a serving tray

An ingenious use of Ruby sliders is to use them to protect a table. A serving tray can get hot or may mark the table with a “sweat ring.” Prevent these circumstances by using the padding from the Ruby Sliders to protect the tray’s bottom.


Can you use Ruby Sliders for hanging pictures?

Yes! Use the padding off of the Ruby Sliders to protect the wall from pictures, clocks, mirrors, or anything else hanging from the wall. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your handles? 

If you store brooms, mops, shovels, rakes, etc., upside down, instead of letting them rest on the ground or floor, use ruby sliders to help keep them clean. Furthermore, the new or unused rubber/ plastic cups from other uses can be used to wrap the handles, giving a better grip. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders to protect your wall? 

If necessary. Doorstops sometimes will damage the door or the wall. Add Ruby Sliders to either side – to the doorstop or to the door (or both) to help prevent further damage.  


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your washers and driers?

Washing machines and driers are on “feet.” Add the bottom of the Ruby Sliders without the cup to help make moving them easier. While in the laundry room, add the felt nano pads without the cups to your laundry baskets. 


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your shoes or slippers

If you want to slide around your house, you can take the pads off of Ruby Sliders and put them on your shoes or slippers to move more quietly. Just don’t try to use them outside!  


Can you use Ruby Sliders on your deck?

Deck furniture is another possible usage for Ruby Sliders. Just slip on and see how much easier it is to move the outdoor chairs and tables.  

Can you use Ruby Sliders in your car?

Instead of struggling to move heavy mats, use the back of Ruby Sliders to help get them in and out of the car. To make things easier, put several around the border and underneath. Also, add them to reusable bags to make them easier to get in and out of your car.     


Use Ruby Sliders on your drill  

Drill a hole through the bottom of the Ruby Slider to use as a guide for cleaner drilling. 

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