Roulette: spinning the wheel through time

Roulette is a staple within casinos all around the world, both on and offline. Based on luck and prediction and pure chance, this simple game has stood the test of time with new and existing players frequently pulling up a chair at the Roulette table, to grab themselves a spin of the wheel.

Whether you decide to dabble in a game within a brick-and-mortar establishment, a casino video game, or pull up a virtual chair at the best live casino experience with real dealers at, all that matters is that you have fun and enjoy spinning a wheel that has been spun through history to become an icon in its own right.

But how did this wheel become an icon within the casino world? Let’s spin back the wheel of time to the very beginning – will you join us?

Origins of Roulette

The first prototype of the iconic Roulette wheel was actually meant to be part of a perpetual motion machine, but when mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal tried to invent such a machine, he actually ended up inventing the blueprints of a version of the Roulette wheel we all know and love today.

It’s also believed that in the 17th century, there was a game invented in Italy, known in history books as ‘Italian Roulette’ or ‘Big Roulette’, which was comprised of 38 numbers. Others have noted within historical papers of a similar game found in Germany, comprised of just 18 numbers which has been referred to as ‘small Roulette’ or ‘German Roulette’.

As we entered the 18th century, Roulette travelled to France, where the popularity of the game grew. It’s wise to note here, that again, the gameplay that occurred within this period is slightly different to the game we know and love today, as the wheel at this time included a red zero and a black double zero. Gameplay was soon halted when Louis Phillipe, the last king of France, closed all gambling venues in the country. Despite this, it’s clear that the game lived on. Instead of dying out with the closed venues of France, Roulette travelled through Europe to casinos in Germany. It was here in Germany that brothers Francois and Louis Blanc created their own version of the game, where gameplay only consisted of one zero in order to get an advantage over their casino competitors. Popularity for this new variant soon grew, with this style of gameplay popping up all over Europe. This is now known as the European version of Roulette.

Jumping to the 20th century, Roulette’s popularity had expanded across the world. Depending on where you found yourself within the world, depended on which variant of the game you’d find at the time. For example, if you spun the wheel in Las Vegas, you’d play the American version, with a single green zero and a double green zero pocket within the wheel. However, if you played in Monte Carlo, you’d find the European wheel, with only one green zero compartment.

Roulette Today

As technology has progressed over the years, you can find Roulette not only in land-based casinos, but online within virtual casino lobbies too. When it comes to playing online, you’re actually given the opportunity to dabble in whichever variant of Roulette that you’d like, no matter where you are; American, European and even French.

Whether you find yourself spinning the Roulette wheel down your favourite casino establishment, or online from the comfort of your sofa, just remember how far the wheel has spun over the years to get to reach you.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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