10 rarely chosen League of Legends Champions 

Things are always evolving in League of Legends, which is not a terrible thing. Some champions are chosen more often than others, while others remain constant and are never chosen. If a champion is never selected, Riot should consider revising the champion.

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Who is the League of Legends champion that people like the least?

The champions on this list may not fit with the current meta, or they may be too weak. Take note of the date this list was written, future readers. It may not include the most recent champions to be revealed. This list contains the League of Legends champion selection rate for the least popular champions.

1. Taliyah

League of Legends’ middle lane champion Taliyah is seldom used. This League of Legends champion occurs in 0.31% of games, and her win rate is poor. Taliyah’s 44.82% win percentage is lower than most past winners. Taliyah was nerfed significantly, but I think she’ll be viable again.

2. Annie

Annie – Support has the lowest pick rate at 0.31%. Annie formerly dominated the bottom lane, so this is shocking. Annie’s biggest weakness is that she wasn’t meant to be a Support Champion. Annie’s ADC can only stun and do burst damage.

She performs badly in meta, where the carry needs more health and shields. Annie has League of Legends’ lowest champion selection rate.

3. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is another champion who, to our surprise, has earned a slot on our list. Heimerdinger is often spotted in the middle lane, top lane, or bot lane. However, he has a poor pick rate across all three rolls. Heimerdinger appears in 0.24 to 0.34 % of games, and his victory percentage is best in the middle lane.

4. Ryze

This is another League of Legends champion that is seldom used. This champion is selected in around 0.38 % of games in the Top lane, a number that has been continuously falling over the previous few patches. His victory percentage is also rather low, at 45.7 %. He has already undergone a handful of reworks, so all he needs to become a popular option again is a couple of boosts.

5. Rumble

Rumble in Top Lane is dropping slowly, which is quite terrible. He is selected in around 0.51 % of games. His victory percentage of 47.2% is comparable to that of most Champions. Perhaps a revision might increase his popularity.

6. Tahm Kench

Next on our list of the least played League of Legends champions is Tahm Kench, who is seldom used in the support position. He is a strong champion who can provide significant assistance to the ADC. Nonetheless, Tahm Kench’s qualities are insufficient to make him a popular option. As a melee-only champion, he lacks the ability to provide shields or heals. In addition, he consumes a great deal of mana. His current pick rate is 0.47 %.

7. Sol Aurelion

Not surprisingly, Aurelion Sol is one of the least-played LoL champions. Any long-distance champion, like Lux, may beat him. A champion can easily escape his W ability. Aurelion lacks abilities that keep him firing or do continuous damage, unlike other mid-laners. All-or-nothing champion. He’s 0.7% accurate. Riot may update Aurelion Sol, which is good news.

8. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is another champion that is seldom selected. He’s quite excellent at eliminating weak champions, but that doesn’t tell much about his character. In the early game, he must play it cautiously until he reaches at least level 6 and acquires equipment that will aid in his survival. This champion is currently chosen at a rate of 0.70%.

9. Ziggs

Ziggs is known for being tough and harsh, thus his inclusion here may surprise you. His Q ability damages opponent champions, W flees, and E slows. Ziggs’ low cooldowns make him one of the easiest Champions to lane clear.

His middle lane pick rate is 0.73 percent, and he has a 48.88% win rate. This may be because Ziggs has poor defenses and is easily slain by enemy champions. Zigg is one of the least-played League of Legends champions.

10. Anivia

Anivia is the middle lane champion. Anivia’s 0.82 percent pick rate makes her a League of Legends underdog. Her win rate is 50.9%.

This champion is unconventional for various reasons. First, her excessive mana use for little damage. It may be too late by the time she does damage since she takes too long and uses too much mana.

Last Word

It was League of Legends champions that aren’t as popular as others. Riot always seems to find a way to surprise its players, thus one of these champions might wind up being the most popular and end up on the League of Legends list of most played champions.

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