What Should I Include in a Military Care Package for My Loved One?

Are you aware that there are around 1.3 million active service members in the U.S. military?

Lots of people never feel unsafe in their homes because we have a strong military that’s always kept us safe. Whether you have a loved one who’s serving or you’d like to reach out to a stranger in the military, expressing gratitude for our troops means the world to them.

Sending a military care package is like giving a slice of heaven in a box. Keep reading this guide so you can learn the top things that you should include in every package you mail.

Personal Items

Whenever you’re creating a care package for someone you know, it’s crucial to include sentimental things that feel like home. The first item that you should work on is a letter that updates them on good news and expresses your love.

One unique gift that you can make is a custom patch. After ironing a patch onto a nice shirt or jacket, you can stick it into the package for a beautiful surprise. Some other goodies can include personal photos, meaningful trinkets, and a USB full of video messages from friends and family.

Yummy Snacks

Everybody can appreciate delicious treats, but nobody enjoys good food more than a soldier who’s living abroad. Homemade treats are always fantastic, but you need to be mindful of foods that spoil fast or melt.

Take some time to consider your loved one’s favorite snacks that are durable enough to survive the long journey. Variety is preferable, but you can always save some treats for future packages.

High-Quality Toiletries

Not many people understand that basic toiletries are some of the most important military essentials. While we may take these products for granted, your loved one will be thrilled to have their favorite toothpaste, deodorant, shower supplies, and more.

You can also brighten their day by slipping some practical items like durable socks, baby wipes, sunscreen, and Chapstick into their package. You’d be surprised by how many things our troops have to live without when they’re stationed abroad.

Unique Entertainment

It may seem like a small gesture, but a powerful way you can support our troops is to send them entertainment that they can enjoy during their downtime.

Puzzles, cards, magazines, books, adult coloring books, and board games are just a few of the many wonderful options to consider. You know your loved one’s interests best, so work with what you think they’d use the most.

Now You Know How to Send an Amazing Military Care Package

Sending a military care package can mean the world to your loved one who’s deployed. By following this military packing checklist, you’ll be able to create the most thoughtful care packages possible.

Sending care packages will fill your heart with just as much joy as the person you’re giving it to. Would you like to read other tips that can help you adopt the most rewarding lifestyle? Check out our website to find more information.

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