Finding the Right Fit Between Core BQE vs

The market today has a myriad of project management solutions and all those choices can confuse a buyer even more. The users need help when they are looking for the best option and it is important, they have an objective comparison of the biggest names in the industry. This article looks at Core BQE vs and compares their features, pricing, and user-friendliness. We have highlighted some of the key features for both solutions and summarized their strengths and weaknesses by reading hundreds of user reviews on the subject. 

BQE Core

BQE Core is robust project management software with a large number of time tracking and expense monitoring functions. The platform can be used for billing, accounting, task assignment, and everything in between. It is a complete suite designed to help professional service providers automate tasks and reach higher levels of productivity. The processes can be streamlined, and database centralized to generate insightful reports related to the daily operations. 

Important Features

Billing and Payments

Core BQE provides flexible billing options to the user with automatic billing, invoice generation, and manual or batch mode billing. The finance department in any organization can use it to generate a retainer or recurring invoices. There are fixed options with hourly or weekly rules implemented for users too.


Core BQE makes it easier to write checks, create balance sheets, and take care of multiple accounts. It connects to the bank and contains a complete list of transactions for quick reconciliation. Core combines all the necessary features and gives users the ability to generate their own income statements, expense sheets, and journal entries. They can also print a profit-loss report or liability statement for legal procedures. There are a lot of customizable templates included in the software.

Mobile Application

Core has a completely free mobile application which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has time tracking, expense management, task monitoring, and client handling features. One difference between Core BQE vs is that users can share invoices through their mobile phones with Core.


The BQE Core has a completely customizable dashboard that can be used to monitor the KPIs or OKRs. It is a project tracking software that combines client monitoring, time tracking, employee performance into one window. Managers can follow the gross margins, effective pay rate, earned value, and expense breakdowns without a single click. 

Time Tracking

The intuitive time tracking solution included in Core BQE includes many formats for timecards and other aspects. Users can choose between a straightforward solution or complex options for timesheets. They can calculate compensation, vacation days, and overtime for employees. Every entry is recorded in the file and users can also add notes to help write reports. 

Project Management 

It is important to discuss the project management features when talking about Core BQE vs Monday Software. Core has many options for workflows and it streamlines the submission or approval workflow. The tasks are completed much quicker with the help of time tracking options.


Core BQE starts pricing at $29 per user per month and it has many time and expense management options. Users can choose a free trial before they pay for the software. Software gives users a single platform for planning, tracking, and organizing all their activities. It has the building blocks to create custom workflows and the entire company can work from the same software. is known for its intuitive dashboards which provide insights into all project activities and help track the task progress. There are multiple viewing options such as calendar, Kanban board, Gantt charts, and timeline. 

Project Templates

Monday demo makes it easier to set up workflows because there are different project-related templates included in the software. Users do not have to start from scratch and they can use the customizable forms to save time. There are multiple options for project tracking, portfolio management, campaign planning and task monitoring.

Time Tracking has a built-in timesheet and can track the number of hours spent on the task. This feature is only available on the advanced pricing plans but it is well-designed and can provide deeper insights into how the team is keeping up with the project timeline.

Software Integration can integrate with many business tools and has ready-to-use integration pathways for commonly used software. The synchronization is facilitated by different systems and the users do not have to switch between different windows. 


It is important to discuss the ease of use for Core BQE vs and the latter has a very user-friendly interface. Beginners can get started and become a professional in under an hour. There is no professional training required either.  


Automation increases the usability of any software and helps employees with their workload. has multiple automation options and users can set up custom triggers in a matter of seconds. They can quickly proceed from one task to another with automated processes.


Managers heavily rely on data but it takes time to analyze it or make sense of the patterns. has a built-in analytics tool and can generate reports with the click of a button. There are many features included to help balance workloads and a summary of the most important insights is available on the dashboard. 


Monday demo follows a different pricing structure and the total cost of ownership depends not only on the pricing tier but the number of users too. The basic plan starts at $24 per user when paying for the year upfront. It is the best option for small teams of three or more but month-to-month billing will cost extra.


Concluding the Core BQE vs debate, it is safe to say that both platforms have very different audiences. The robust features of Core are more focused on billing and accounting whereas is an all-in-one project management solution. The buyers should figure out what their must-have requirements are before they make a purchase.

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