Clean and Efficient: How to Maintain Business Offices

Did you know there is expected to be 124.3 billion square feet of commercial building floor space in the US by 2050? While having an office can be vital for many businesses with employees, it’s crucial for employers to ensure these spaces are clean and tidy. 

But, how can you keep your business offices in the best possible condition? You’ll want to provide an orderly environment for your staff, allowing them to feel comfortable and able to produce a high standard of work. Fortunately, you can follow some straightforward guidelines to create an organized office environment. 

Read on to learn more about maintaining a well-kept workspace.

Use Dedicated Storage Areas

It’s important to invest in storage areas for your business office equipment and supplies. You can keep items such as printer paper, staplers, and pens in specific cupboards, making them easy to find when needed.

Having an office manager in charge of handing out office supplies can also help you keep a tidy workspace as this reduces the chances of colleagues moving items to the wrong locations.

Go Paperless

You could improve your business workspace by reducing the amount of paper in the office. It can be easier to find documents stored online, and there will be more free space if the staff doesn’t have piles of paperwork on their desks. Employees can then print off only the files they need.

This practice can help maintain a neat office space, lower business costs, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

Keep Cables Tidy

If cables lie on the floor or spill out from the sides of desks, they can look untidy as well as being a tripping hazard. Consider investing in desk-mounted wireless chargers or cable ties, trays to keep them away from view. This can also reduce the risk of someone catching their feet on a lead on the way past a desk.

Designate Rooms for Eating

In a busy office environment, it can sometimes be easier for staff to eat at their desks. But, this can lead to crumbs falling on the floor, and bins overflowing with food wrappers and beverage cans. Encouraging employees to eat in the kitchen or a designated staff room can reduce the mess in your main office space. 

Use Professional Cleaners

As part of your office management plan, you could consider using professional janitorial services from phs group. When you outsource your cleaning requirements to top-class professionals, you can have peace of mind they will keep your workspace in pristine condition.

Before you hire them, your chosen cleaning company can explain how they will go about maintaining office cleanliness and confirm the standards you can expect from their employees. 

Keep Your Business Offices Clean and Efficient

Maintaining clean business offices doesn’t have to be challenging, but it can help to implement a few simple guidelines. Having specific storage spaces for office equipment can be beneficial, and keeping cables tidied away can reduce the risk of accidents as well as free up floor space. 

Hiring professional janitorial services can also be a cost-effective way to keep your workspaces hygienic.

Before you rush off to tidy your offices, be sure to check out more helpful posts in our Business and Health sections. 

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