Popular Card Tricks That You Can Easily Learn

Looking forward to mesmerizing your peers when you play your next card game? Card games are meant for entertainment but you can also use them to perform some incredible magic tricks. With a deck of cards, there are many cool tricks you can do without any need of being a professional magician. Card tricks vary from subtle mysteries to mathematical puzzles. Read on to find out the card tricks that you can easily learn and start amazing people.

The Mind Reading Card Trick

In this trick, the prediction is sealed in the envelope and it should match the one selected by your spectator. Write the number on the paper and place it in an envelope and hand it to the audience who should not open it. Secretly place the card you select on top and shuffle the cards and show the audience that they are mixed. If someone asks to mix the deck, allow them but be quick to locate the card you have selected.  

Using the simple self-working card force called Cross Cut Force, make the spectator choose your preferred card. Place the deck facing down and as one person to cut it into half and place it on the right. Play with these two halves diligently and deceive the spectator to point to the card you have already predicted. When they turn it, the card and your prediction in the envelope will match. 

Card Markings

One of the common card tricks is to use markings to help you identify certain cards. As explained by the designers at markedcardsstore.com, this is some kind of cheating that can be hardly detected by the opponents. Cards are marked with different markers so you should familiarize yourself with them. Some cards consist of infrared, luminous ink, magic dicers, and many more types of markers. Infrared cards require the use of infrared contact lenses, and the marks are found in the corners or middle. 

Other marks are custom-designed to suit the needs of the players. When you choose cards with marks that are hardly visible to other players, you can stand out from the rest in a magic show or poker game. All you need to do is wear an appropriate contact lens that suits the color of your eyes. 

Reverse Turn Card Trick

You ask the other person to pick a card from the deck and play your trick to identify the selected card. Place the card in the middle of the deck and flick the other cards in the opposite direction except the one chosen. To achieve this magic, you need to begin by flipping the card at the bottom of the deck the other way round while the volunteer is looking at their card. When you flick the card, the faced-in bottom card will come at the top. The next step is to add the selected card into the middle with face down, and it is going to be the only one turned around. Ask the spectator to clap hands while you turn all their cards around. Slam your hand on the deck and push the top card away, and the whole deck will look as if flipped. Begin to sort through the cards until you find the one turned around, and that’s their card.  

Nine Cards

The volunteer will shuffle the deck of cards, then you pick out any nine cards which should not follow a specific order. While the other person mixes the selected cards, place the rest of the deck away since the card trick requires only nine cards. In the next step, the volunteer selects a single card from the nine and shows it to friends, but not you. Put the card back to the other nine before shuffling them again. However, you need to monitor where the card is placed, and your aim should be to control it to the fifth position. 

The next thing is to ask a series of questions, and the party involved can tell the truth or lie. They should tell the truth when you ask the last question. For instance, you can ask the following, “Was your card spade, heart, diamonds, or clubs?” Ask them to get rid of the bottom and top cards. Repeat the process of asking different questions again and let them remove the top and bottom cards until they remain with one. This is the card picked by the spectator, and they cannot lie. The card trick works if the card picked remains in the middle always. 

Card games vary greatly, and they are meant for different purposes. For instance, when people play cards with their peers, there should be a winner. While winning may not be very simple, there are many amazing card tricks you can use to impress your colleagues. You do not need magical powers to perform the tricks, but practice and clever cheating.     

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