Resize & Compress PDFs Online: GogoPDF’s Compress PDF Tool

Compressing PDF files can be incredibly beneficial for tasks such as emails, attachments, and printing. There’s simply no way that you can use a large-sized PDF file with the processes that we’ve mentioned. Fortunately, GogoPDF offers and provides a PDF compressor for this purpose. This tool should allow users to resize and compress their PDFs.

It also helps that GogoPDF provides this service in the most straightforward way possible. It does not impose any complicated steps and processes in compressing your PDF. In this article, we’ll tell you why GogoPDF is the best platform for this task. Here’s more about this online PDF compressor from GogoPDF:

How to Compress PDFs

As we said, GogoPDF simplified the entire PDF compression process making it incredibly easy to resize a large-sized PDF. With this fact, anyone who wants to compress their PDF files can do so with ease. GogoPDF only uses four easy steps to compress PDF files. It’s incredibly easy to follow and straightforward.

Users can begin compressing their PDF files by uploading any PDF file into the toolbox. Once a large-sized PDF has been uploaded, GogoPDF will immediately begin compressing the file. Allow GogoPDF to work its magic when it comes to resizing and compressing the file. 

Anyone using this PDF compressor will only need to wait while GogoPDF works its magic. Once it completes the process, a newly resized and compressed PDF should be readily available to download. Subsequently, users may download the file to their computer or any other device.

Fast Resizing

This PDF compressor will allow users to compress and resize any PDF that they want. Moreover, the process of resizing PDFs to a preferable size has never been this easy before. It also helps that this simplified process is one that any user can complete swiftly. It’ll only take a couple of minutes for GogoPDF to resize any PDF file!

With this fact, you simply won’t be wasting any of your precious and valuable time in compressing PDF documents. Simply upload any large-sized PDF, and GogoPDF will be the one to handle it for you. This PDF compressor won’t have any problems resizing and compressing any PDF file to as small as 144 dpi.

Once GogoPDF completes the PDF resizing process, it’ll be easier to use the previously large PDF in any task. The formerly large PDF file should now be available to use in the tasks that we’ve mentioned, namely printing, email attachments, and many more!

High Quality Output

Along with a simplified and swift process, GogoPDF promises a high-quality output. GogoPDF provides a hassle-free alternative to resize any PDF file while not sacrificing the resolution of the PDF. With this fact, you won’t notice any alterations, errors, or mistakes in the resulting product. You could say that GogoPDF is the best online platform for the task at hand!

The formatting and layout of the original PDF file should be retained once GogoPDF completes the compression. Users will be downloading a newly resized PDF that meets their standards and expectations. 

After all, it isn’t enough that a process is swift and straightforward. It also needs to be effective and produce the highest quality resized PDFs consistently. Anyone who wants to resize their PDFs through GogoPDF should expect top-tier PDF compression.

PDF Compressor For All Platforms

The best thing about this online PDF compressor is that it’s available on all platforms. Anyone who wants to use this PDF compressor should have no problems regarding compatibility with operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Subsequently, it’ll run smoothly and similarly regardless of which operating system you’re using.

GogoPDF’s PDF compressor is a web-based PDF compression tool. With this fact, users will only need a web browser in order to access it and compress their PDF files. Resize any PDF down to the smallest possible size using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and many more. Simply head to the GogoPDF platform to begin compressing PDF files.

GogoPDF also allows its customers to resize PDFs on mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices. It’s completely compatible and accessible on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. With this fact, anyone can now resize and compress PDFs on the go.


If you need an effective PDF compressor for your large PDF files, then head to the GogoPDF portal. GogoPDF provides users a simple and effective way to resize PDF files down to the smallest possible file size. Moreover, it can compress PDF files without affecting the integrity of the entire file. For any needs concerning PDF compression, use GogoPDF.

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