TheWiSpy vs spy: Detailed Overview of Best Phone Trackers

TheWiSpy and MSPs are the top mobile phone tracker apps available on the internet. While TheWiSpy is famous for modern and remote spying features, mSpy is also known for exceptional parental controls. However, they’re both highly impressive but have competed for so many years now.

But the problem is when a user needs a spy app, he can only buy one of them. So it’s time we settle this debate by providing a detailed overview of both of the apps. In this article, we have explained compatibility, prices, features and then compared them.

TheWiSpy- overview

TheWiSpy is an android phone tracker app that offers parental controls and employee monitoring services. It is a reliable tracking app that will provide 100% authentic information to the user. The advanced technology supports all smart devices, so spying goes smoothly. In addition, you will get high-quality features that make spying possible effortlessly. For example, GPS tracking, call recording, camera spy, surround recording, etc.

TWS offers phone tracker software and web-interface structure so user can get unforgettable experience. When the user installs the software on the target phone, everything will be accessibly stored on the phone. You can fetch information or monitor online activity and view it on the online portal of TheWiSpy.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an excellent parental control that offers high-quality monitoring so you can secure your kids from the cruel world. When you install mSpy on your phone, you can access the target phone’s information and record ongoing activities. mSpy features include call log monitoring, SMS monitoring, location tracking, and more.

The data is transmitted on the online portal of mSpy when the user commands. However, the data transferring timing is a bit slow, such as it takes a minimum of 5 minutes to complete single command. mSpy has a jailbreaking option for iPhones with few features.


No one would want to purchase an app that won’t work well with their mobile phones. That makes app compatibility essential before making a final decision about buying a mobile tracker. First, we will discuss the compatibility of both of these apps then compare them to find out which one is a better fit for you.

TheWiSpy compatibility:

TheWiSpy is compatible with Android devices that have an operating system version of 4.0 and more. You will need a physical approach to check if the mobile phone has been updated to its latest version. You won’t need rooting for installing TheWiSpy because it works fine anyway. You can access the most advanced features without any restriction.

mSpy compatibility:

mSpy works for Android and iOS devices.

·         iPhone:

spy is compatible with mobile devices that have iOS versions between 6-9.2. Unfortunately, you would have to perform jailbreaking to install the software on the phone. Although there is an option without rooting, the compatibility is limited to an extent.

·         Android:

You need to ensure that the mobile phone has at least a 4.0 version of the operating system. The Android version of the software can be downloaded without rooting. However, you can’t use advanced features without rooting, such as email tracking, call blocking, etc.

Who has high compatibility?

Both spy apps have high compatibility, but certain flaws make one Android tracking app more heightened than the other. If you want to spy on an iPhone device, then mSpy is your choice, and you’ll have no other choice but to jailbreak the device.

Simultaneously TheWiSpy has higher compatibility as compared to mSpy. That’s because firstly you can use advanced features without rooting and you won’t face any problems while working with the phone tracker. 


Pricing is essential before purchasing anything, and so does for spy apps. The functionality of these applications is very complicated. That’s why some of them are expensive. But it isn’t essential for an application to be costly to provide quality results.

TheWiSpy price plans:

TheWiSpy is known as an affordable mobile phone tracker app for unlimited spying services. People of every need and background can enjoy TheWiSpy because it offers versatile packages. If you have basic needs, then you can use the standard plan with basic features. And if you want to spy in detail, you can choose a premium or platinum plan with remote and advanced features.

1.      Standard plan:

1-month:   $19.99 only
3-month:    $29.99 only
6-month:    $49.99 only

2.      Premium plan:

1-month:   $29.99 only
3-month:   $49.99 only
6-month:   $79.00 only

3.      Platinum plan:

1-month:   $49.99 only
3-month:   $79.99 only
6-month:    $119.99 only

mSpy price plans:

mSpy offers two price plans, one is basic, and the second is called the premium. The pricing of both plans differs as well as the features offered with them. You can get these plans for reasonable periods such as monthly, for 3-months, and yearly.

1.      Basic plan:

The basic plan is only available for one month and offers standard features.

·         Monthly:  $29.99

2.      Premium plan:

The premium plan has advanced features included and is available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

·         Monthly:   $69.99
·         Quarterly:   $119.99
·         Yearly:    $199.99

Who has better plans?

The features offered by both spy apps are high-quality, but TheWiSpy has unique remote features as well. If we compare the prices of these tracking apps, then mSpy is way expensive than TheWiSpy. mSpy doesn’t offer affordable plans in a basic package that makes a considerable flaw. On the other hand, TheWiSpy is a highly affordable phone tracker app that you can get for $19.99 only. The quality of the results isn’t compromised in any way, so that makes it a plus.


Features are the pillar that holds a spy app together. You must ensure the app offers high-standard function before you get it for your use. We have explained the basic features of both apps that make them extraordinary. 

TheWiSpy unique features:

TheWiSpy has more than 30 unique features that allow users to spy on the target’s phone. We have picked some of the most advanced and effectively used functions of TWS to get a better overview.

Monitor instant messages:

The younger generation prefers instant messaging as a communication resource. If you want to monitor your child’s digital activities, then this feature is a must. You can get access to all the chats on the target phone along with the contact details.

Monitor calls:

Call log monitoring is a powerful yet common feature that is used in the phone tracker app. You can see logs of calls. The app allows you to spy on the person calling by providing the name, phone number, and call details.

Powerful remote controls:

TheWiSpy is well known for its remote controls that enable the application to control the target phone remotely. So, for example, you won’t have to access the phone to delete or transfer files to your devices. Instead, you can use these controls to do that.

·         Camera spy:

The camera spy control offers a remote picture capturing function of real-time events. The spy app has access to the phone’s camera that makes the image click with the user command. The function processes in the background so that you can capture and transfer photos without the target’s knowledge.

·         Surround recording:

The surround recording feature enables the target phone’s microphone to record the live conversation around the phone radius. So you can now listen to the surroundings of your child without being around them.

·         Call recording:

You can record any audio call using this feature. It may be a simple phone call or a call over a social media application such as WhatsApp.

GPS tracking:

GPS tracking is a lifesaver in parental control applications, and TheWiSpy offers the best tracker. You can sit miles away and track the live location of your kid 24/7. In addition, the application provides a history of the places your children have been and gives alerts when they’re in a danger zone.


It is another excellent feature that allows parents to put geographical blocking. It means there is no way your child can escape your curfew now. There are certain places that folks fear their kids will go and end up in trouble. Now you can prevent that from happening by setting alerts for such places. 

Social media monitoring:

You can monitor live activity on different social media platforms using this feature. It includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You will see the live feed, chats, and block accounts as well.

mSpy features:

mSpy has exceptional features that make MSpy app to spy a smart device easily. We will talk through some of the fantastic features of this app.

Call log tracking:

It allows you to track call logs of the phone you’re following. For example, you can get the caller id, name, duration of the call, and privilege to block the contact.

SMS tracking:

SMS tracking is common but essential in a phone tracker, and spy offers an excellent tracking feature. You can read old and new chats, view contact detail, and retrieve deleted texts.

GPS location:

You can track the real-time location of your kids using mSpy’s GPS location tracker. It can show you the history of the places and notify you from time to time on your commands.

Call blocking:

mSpy allow you to block calls coming on the target’s phone. It is an essential feature in parental control because you can shut down harassers or bad friends by clicking the blocking option.

Website tracking:

mSpy provides website tracking features where you can monitor browser history activity. For example, you will be able to see search history, saved cookies, and most importantly, you can block unethical websites.


The app can store typed keys on the target phone that can help in future spying.

Who offers better and advanced features?

TheWiSpy has undoubtedly better and advanced features. You can see standard features such as call monitoring, SMS tracker, GPS tracking, etc., that offer high-quality results. But at the same time, TheWiSpy has additional remote features such as surround recording, camera spy, social media monitoring, etc., that win the lead in better offering better features.

Final verdict:

TheWiSpy offers software that delivers unique features at a high compatibly rate with all Android devices. With the detailed comparison of both apps, we’ve seen similarities in the functionality, but TheWiSpy still has the lead by providing advanced features.

The quality of TWS is unmatchable that develops user trust in the app. And finally, the affordable price plans make it more transparent why you should choose TheWiSpy as your mobile phone tracker app. So you can ultimately rely on a quality app that won’t disappoint you.

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