NFT Meme: Everything you need to know about it

NFT Meme: Introduction

A meme is a unique way to communicate oneself, a concept, or a thought. Memes can be anything that can be copied and passed from person to person. It could be a clip, image, song, or something else.

Memes are frequently funny or ironic, and they can catch anyone off guard. In the cryptocurrency world, a meme is a means of advertising and promoting specific cryptocurrency projects.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be the hottest trend in the internet era right now. NFT sales of artwork, music, short videos, and other items have been noticed in recent years, but one of the true hot topics on the NFT market is memes.

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What Makes NFT Meme Unique?

Below are a few reasons why NFT memes are superior to digital memes.

  • NFT memes are one-of-a-kind! Most NFT meme characters are first and only exist in one form, so there are no imitations or duplicates (unlike the digital files). This makes fake content extremely difficult to create.
  • NFT memes are scarce! Each NFT meme character has a limited number of copies available. As a result, its value rises as demand rises.
  • NFT memes are simple to spread! NFT memes cannot be pirated or recreated because they exist in blockchain, unlike the other digital content, which can be duplicated all over the place by any person who would like to steal your work or profit from it without your consent.
  • NFT memes are entertaining! Memes are used to express an emotion or feeling to the viewer that the creator wishes to convey. It has the potential to serve both entertainment and educational or inspirational purposes.
  • NFT memes are simple to remember! Because a meme is a freshly formed character, the audience finds it simpler to recall. This allows them to spread more quickly on a href=”” Blockchain social media</a networking sites such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter.

Few Classic NFT Memes That Sold Like Crazy.

  1. Overly Attached Girlfriend

    Since 2013, Overly Attached Girlfriend has gone viral on the Internet, and it’s one of the perfect memes ever created. It has received over 150 million views.
    When YouTuber Laina Walker uploaded a video on YouTube singing a parody of Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend,” the NFT meme was born.

  2. Disaster Girl

    Disaster Girl is a well-known meme that has been shown and circulated throughout the internet since its release. This meme first appeared in 2005, when 4-year-old Zoe Roth posed for a photo standing in front of a burning house while wearing a devilish smile on her face. As soon as her father shared the picture on the internet, it went viral and became a meme. Many people still use the Disaster Girl in memes today.

In May 2021, this famous meme was sold at auction as an NFT on the Foundation NFT marketplace.

  1. Success Kid

    Success Kid is without a doubt among the most famous memes in the early twenty-first century. In August 2007, photographer Laney Griner captured a photo of her 11-month-old son Sammy pumping his fist with an incredibly cute triumphant expression. She shared the photo on Flickr, and it quickly became known as Success Kid.
    She decided to sell the NFT meme for 15 ETH ($35,250) in April 2021.

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