Where Can I Get a Herpes Test? [Nearby Clinics]

Getting tested is the only way to diagnose the herpes virus. It is a common viral infection, and many of us don’t know about it. According to studies, one in every six persons has herpes, but everybody is not aware of it. Herpes tests are essential to diagnose as its symptoms are similar to chronic viral infection, including cough or fever. 

The nurse, doctor, or healthcare providers can predict the herpes virus by looking at your symptoms. But still, getting tests for herpes is the only way to confirm it. Moreover, if you have a cold, don’t ignore it and visit your doctor. 

Many of us are confused about where one can get the herpes tests. Right? So if you also want to know about herpes tests, this guide is for you. 

Do you have herpes?

Nobody can assess herpes by their feelings or general symptoms. It is a sexually transmitted disease that you can diagnose through proper tests. If you notice a cold sore around your genitals, visit your healthcare provider. The HSV1 is oral herpes, and its sores appear around the facial area. So you can only diagnose it by a sample test or blood test. (herpes dating is still plausible if you choose the right platform)

Moreover, other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis also have symptoms similar to herpes, but it requires a different treatment. 

You need to get the tests to find out the exact reason for infection or cold sores around your mouth and genital parts. Ask your doctor or healthcare provider for tests of herpes and then follow treatments. 

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Where can I get tested for herpes?

You can quickly get tested for herpes from your doctor’s clinic, health care community clinic and general health department in your area. Moreover the local planned parenthood health center also has a facility for herpes tests. 

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and is not part of your regular checkup. You need to ask your doctor if you have doubts about your symptoms. Usually doctors recommend the tests by assessing your cold sores and other symptoms. Ensure that you are honest with your doctor to figure out your health condition and not feel embarrassed about it. Your doctor is sitting at the clinic, helping you not to embarrass you. 

Herpes tests procedure

The herpes tests usually include the sample tests from cold sores, blood tests and swab tests. The doctors will assess your blisters and take a sample of fluid to test it. Some tests proceed through swab tests, but if you don’t have any sores, the doctor will go for the blood test. Usually the herpes tests will not be recommended by doctors unless you have any visible symptoms. 

For many patients, the idea of herpes tests is scary as it is a sexually transmitted disease. Keep in mind that testing for STDs is a normal part of adulthood. It is a quick and painless test that is essential for your recovery. 

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