Practical Ways to Add Beauty & Function to Your Home

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their living space. There are dozens of great ideas and projects, but not all offer a high degree of value. The most worthwhile options include improvements that deliver both attractiveness and functional efficiency. Savvy property owners realize that only a handful of projects meet both those criteria. 


What are the most popular ideas for people who want to maximize their home’s usefulness and appearance? In addition to old favorites like complete paint jobs and all-around awnings, some of the newer concepts include private elevators, swimming pools, and enclosed carports. Here are details about each of the top strategies for improving your living space.


Expert Paint Jobs

The reason so many choose to paint their homes inside and out is that the project delivers a massive amount of value for a relatively uncomplicated project. A fresh coat of paint looks great, protects the longevity of any surface to which it’s applied, and automatically boosts the structure’s resale value. If you decide to paint as a DIY job instead of hiring a professional, remember to get expert advice about color schemes and the brands of paint that work best for your home.


Home Elevators

Adding beautiful touches and practical functionality to your living space can be a challenge. But home elevators accomplish both goals for busy owners who want the very best. Products like The Lifton Home Elevator offers residents a chance to enhance the elegance and attractiveness of a room while increasing its functional capabilities too. 


Installing a private elevator does even more because the units are the preferred choice for people who don’t want to use or can’t use steps and stairs. That makes a huge difference to elderly and disabled occupants who avoid staircases whenever possible. Home elevators are both practical and beautiful, and they have the potential to boost a property’s resale value as well.



The perfect DIY improvement job is to install awnings on some or all windows. Not only are the units highly decorative, but they come in an almost infinite array of styles. They protect windows from the climate, can be adjustable, and double as storm protection. Newer versions are washable and come with special light reflecting treatments. Be sure to shop around and make plenty of price comparisons because costs and quality vary greatly.


Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are usually the centerpiece of a backyard. It’s almost impossible to ignore one, and the shimmering light on the water’s surface is an automatic eye catcher. Pools can be pricey, but they are one of the easiest ways to ramp up a property’s resale value. As with so many other improvement projects and options, it’s imperative to screen contractors and get at least three bids before deciding.



Modern carports come fully enclosed and include all sorts of convenient features, like alarms, charging stations, temperature-controlled interiors, and safe ventilation. Find DIY kits that suit your level of expertise, budget, and the size of the area you wish to enclose. Don’t forget to check with homeowners’ associations about adding a carport to your property.

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