What to Remember When Getting a Round Timber Dining Table

The dining room tables have developed into a home’s social centre, functioning as something more than a space to eat. For hundreds and hundreds of years now, the dining table has been the centre of many conversations. With its potential to be the centre of important talks and entertaining evenings and serve as a workspace for new product development, the circular wooden dining table could be the most adaptable bit of furniture in your home. Condo Storage Lockers provided by Bradyl maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage.

Round timber dining tables are growing in popularity as more people invest in smaller homes around the country and the younger generation opts to live in apartment buildings or condos. These dining tables come in a variety of sizes and materials, and they can look amazing in a stylish kitchen or dining room. Round timber dining tables have the charm to change a space with their versatile designs, finishes, and styles. 

Jarrah dining tables are one of the brands offering quality dining tables in the country. With its outstanding timber and finish, any table would look good in any dining room. 

Advantages of Getting a Round Timber Dining Table 

Choosing the size and shape of your dining area’s dining table can help you get the most use out of it. Numerous qualities of a round dining table may be appropriate for your needs. The advantages of having a circular table in your home are listed below. 

Enhanced Flow And Space 

Due to the lack of sides, a round table gives guests more space to manoeuvre and locate their wooden dining seats. A round table is perfect for formal dining settings and more open floor layouts because eating and reaching across the table can be so much easier. Additionally, you can freely move the table without bumping into the person beside you all the time, unlike a square dining table, where it can be a hassle to reach across the table or leave.  

Perfect For Small Spaces

Round dining tables have a smaller diameter than square or rectangle tables of the same size due to the absence of corners to take up extra room. This suggests that a suitable circular table will take up less space than a typical square or rectangle table. Furthermore, while seated at a square or rectangular table, you feel less cramped as everyone is positioned at a slight distance from the person across from them.

Improved Interaction with Others

A rectangular table may keep out those who are on the opposite side of the conversation. It could be uncomfortable to try to start a conversation when sitting next to somebody farther down the row. A round table, on the contrary, guarantees that everyone sits facing the centre and that no one will ever be excluded from a conversation. Getting someone’s attention is easier, and everyone at the table has to participate. 

Naturally, because you can reach out and grab your favourite dish during meals, it’s much less likely that you won’t be able to try other dishes. A circular table keeps everyone seated, so there is less passing and more time for eating and talking. 

Does a Round Timber Dining Table Fit Your Place? 

If you are strongly considering a circular jarrah dining table to replace your rectangle dining set, here are some things to consider if it really is the perfect dining table for you and your space: 

  1. Measure your Space

Grab a metre stick and measure the exact area you have. Include any obstructions, such as doors, windows, cabinetry, and other furniture, in your list of actions so that you are aware of what you are up against. It will lead you on the correct path to choosing the ideal table’s dimensions and shape. 

  1. Get a Masking Tape 

A masking tape is the best option since it sticks to the floor while being easy to remove and not damaging your floors. To see whether you may move about freely, start by crossing two sections and walking the circumference. Next, draw another cross or “X” at a different angle on the floor above the central location. The optimal size and shape must then be able to be determined from there.

When using circular tables, keep in mind the space behind the chairs. People all too often forget the extra room needed to pull out the seats. Once you’ve completed all of your measurements, you’ll know exactly how much space you have to work with for your new table. The second thing to think about is if a circular table will fit better in a small space. 


If you live in a small space and the rectangular dining table has been eating up valuable space, you may want to opt for a round timber dining table to give your place a homey feeling. If you entertain guests at home, the round dining table will surely be to your advantage as it is easier to face them and reach out for food and beverages. Consider a Jarrah dining table if you want to purchase a round timber dining table for your space!

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