5 Top Tips for Managing Pests in Schools and Childcare Centres

In Australia, schools and childcare centres need to comply with the same health and safety regulations that apply to all businesses. This includes managing pests and preventing infestations from happening in buildings and on the grounds.

To prevent illnesses and damage to properties, pests such as cockroaches, rats and mice and termites need to be kept under control. Australian public schools and childcare facilities need to comply with pest control legislation. Hiring the services of a reputable pest control Melbourne-based company is often the quickest and safest solution.

If you manage a school or childcare centre, keep reading to find out how to manage pests efficiently while keeping the safety of children and employees a top priority.

5 Top Tips for Managing Pests in Schools and Childcare centres

1. Get Familiar With Pest Control Legislation

Running a school or childcare centre comes with a host of responsibilities, including pest control. Local authorities strictly regulate the use of pesticides and herbicides. Before using toxic chemicals to treat pesky infestations, school facility managers are required to familiarise themselves with pest control legislation.

Pest control regulations differ between regions and what is applicable in Victoria may be completely different in New South Wales. Pest treatment and prevention services need to follow Australian and industry standards when hired by homeowners and businesses to eradicate infestations. Make sure the vendors you use align with these guidelines.

2. Identify the Pest Problem

Identifying the pest problem is crucial so you can do something about it as soon as possible. Knowing what are really pests and what are beneficial insects or plants helps you to decide when you need to call for help. Common pests that could become a serious problem in your school building or grounds include:

  • Ants and termites
  • Rats and mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Weeds and fungi

While bees are highly beneficial insects, they can become a hazard in areas where children are located. Removing bees and wasp nests safely will keep your learners safe from nasty attacks.

If you struggle to identify a pest—and whether it’s really a pest—calling the experts will help you get informed and if necessary they’ll get the job done!

3. Hire a Pest Control Company

Schools and childcare facilities need to hire the services of an accredited pest control company when treating and managing infestations. These companies offer a range of pest solutions including quality treatment and prevention programmes. They also offer:

  • Termite inspections and eradication
  • Rodent control
  • Bees and wasps nest removals
  • Weeds and fungi eradication and control

A professional pest control company will tailor a treatment and prevention programme specifically for your school or childcare centre’s needs. They provide maintenance tips to keep your property pest-free once eradication has been completed.

4. Apply Professional Pest Prevention Strategies

Preventing pests in the first place helps to keep your school or childcare facility free of pesky problems! The experts recommend applying the following strategies:

  • Keep the buildings and grounds clean: Pests are drawn to areas that offer them shelter and food. Make sure food products are stored in sealed containers or cupboards and wipe up spills in canteens and classrooms. Keep buildings and grounds clean from mess and clutter to prevent pests from taking up residence!
  • Maintain building infrastructure: Seal up gaps in doors and windows to prevent insects from having easy access to interior infrastructure. Check roofing and walls for rot or decay and do regular inspections of wooden components such as window frames for termites.

By keeping your school property in good shape, you’re reducing the risk of pests invading the buildings or grounds. A professional pest control technician will share valuable prevention tips to keep your school or childcare facility pest-free as much as possible.

5. Book Regular Termite Inspections

Termites are extremely destructive and are a common problem for many Australian homeowners and businesses. Early detection prevents termites from becoming a serious problem and booking regular inspections by a pest control company ensures you catch the issue before it escalates.

Termites thrive on timber and are found in wooden walls, window frames, ceiling boards, doors and floors. They’ll annihilate garden infrastructure such as timber pathways, wooden jungle gyms and fence wood poles. In no time at all, a termite infestation can weaken infrastructure, making your school or childcare facility an unsafe place for children and employees.

If you suspect you have a termite problem, you need to book an inspection as soon as possible. A pest control technician will suggest a treatment and prevention programme that includes regular inspections to keep termites under control.

Final Thoughts

Pest control is key for the health and safety of children and staff in schools and childcare centres. Government legislation stipulates clearly who can apply pesticides and herbicides in public spaces and school principals need to ensure they follow these regulations.

You can hire the services of a reputable pest control company to manage all your pesky problems, including termite treatment, for efficient and safe removal. Letting the experts handle pesticides and herbicides saves you time, money and hassles!

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