Tips for choosing the perfect chandelier for your house.

Do you have a crush on chandeliers like most people? You do, right? Well, that’s the charm of a chandelier, as it’s a perfect piece of décor for any room.

A chandelier is enough to illuminate a room while giving it a unique décor that makes the space look unique. However, buying a chandelier is not that easy! These are similar to jewelry, which adds the final finishing touch to your outfit but are expensive. So, if you don’t get it right, your outfit feels incomplete. Similarly, if you don’t buy the right chandelier, you will lose money, and the look you envisioned will not come to pass.

Thus, use the following tips to pick the best chandelier for your space.

Always measure the space.

A little bit of math always saves money and time. In this case, too, you need to measure the length and width of the ceiling and walls. This will help calculate the right height for the chandelier. It will ensure you find the ideal vintage or crystal chandelier, which is not big or small but perfect for the space.

Ensure the lights are not glary.

Any chandelier, whether contemporary or crystal, should have the perfect light fixture. You don’t want a light fixture in the chandelier that is glaring. It doesn’t feel good to sit in a room and have a bright bulb shine right in your face. As a result, make certain that this does not occur. Ask yourself these questions when looking for a chandelier:

  • What direction do I want the light to go?
  • Are the crystals in this chandelier exposed or concealed?
  • Do I need to add a dimmer?

Asking all these questions will help you find the right chandelier for your house.

Types of chandelier

There are wide varieties of chandeliers available. They come in every shape and size. The size you know how to pick after measuring the room. The rest depends on multiple things. For instance, if the entire interior of your house is contemporary, it makes sense to buy a chandelier that fits the design. Your budget will also be a deciding factor. Do some research on the type of chandelier available that goes with your needs, theme, and budget. Make a list and start checking their features to finalize one.

A double chandelier for the dining table

Often, one chandelier is enough for a dining table or its island. However, sometimes it’s better to opt for two or three medium-sized chandeliers than one. It adds more beauty, light, and charm to your space. For instance, if the dining table in your house is long, you want to illuminate 2/3rd of its center. Thus, go for a few small chandeliers to complete the look rather than buying a massive one. The former will look more beautiful.

Shape of the chandelier should match the table

This is one tip you should not avoid. If you are buying a chandelier to hang over a table whether dining or coffee, take a look at its shape. If the table is rectangular, the chandelier should be rectangular too and if the table is circle, the chandelier will be in circular shape.

Why? Because when the shape is the same, the light illuminates better on the surface of the table.

Take help from a professional

If you are still determining which type of chandelier will go well with your room, take help from an expert. A chandelier can blend in or be the show-stopper in any room; that decision is yours. If you are unsure which way to go, talk to a few experts, consider their advice, and then buy a chandelier.


Sure, buying a chandelier isn’t that costly. However, if you are looking at a vintage one, want more than one chandelier, or want to decorate the whole house, setting aside a budget for chandeliers is a good way to find the best one.

A chandelier can add beauty to every space, whether it’s the garden, stairwell, or living room. The trick is to find the right one according to your budget, theme, and needs. Use the above tips, and you will not go wrong while picking up the chandelier.

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