Top Skin Surgeries And Their Myths

Whether you’re an elder, a growing teenager, or a kid, everyone wants to look good. Appearance matters the most and your skin plays the biggest role in building your appearance. Your skin can either beautify the way you look or it may make you look odd or different. Skin alone can influence your appearance and ultimately your lifestyle.

Some people think that looking old or having wrinkles is against beauty standards. They prefer having skin surgeries over their natural look so that they can enhance their appearance according to worldly beauty standards. But they’re also scared of the many adverse outcomes of skin surgeries.

Today, we’re going to learn about top skin surgeries and their myths. We’ll also help you bust these myths so you’ll be free to choose your desired skin surgeries.

1.  Skin Surgeries Cause Anemia

The first and foremost fear of having skin surgeries is related to developing serious anemia. Anemia is a condition in which there’s blood hemoglobin deficiency in your body (iron deficiency in blood). A majority of people fear that receiving skin surgery will make them lose a lot of blood which in turn will cause Anemia.

Since skin surgeries are considered major surgeries, they do involve loss of blood. But when you concern your doctors or the surgeon, they first prepare you for your surgery. They monitor your health and related factors to find out a way to balance your potential risks such as becoming anemic.

The anemia condition or risk is managed by enriching iron in your blood. Usually, your surgeon will prescribe you some iron tablets like iron isomaltose (monomers). Many different brands are iron isomaltoside manufacturers and each of them has different dosage forms with variable strengths. You should concern your doctor before you take any iron supplements.

2.  Sun Exposure Harms Your Skin

It is true to some extent that extreme sun exposure can harm your skin but having no sun exposure can harm you even more. Exposure to the sun is also necessary to make your bones stronger. The time you spend basking yourself in the sunlight is the time your bones actively use the calcium to get stronger. The sun rays activate your body to use calcium and produce vitamin D from it that helps to give your bones the strength they need to keep providing support to your muscles and body structure.

On the contrary, shying away from some leads to cause photodamage which makes your bones weaker and poses a threat of early osteoporosis.

3.  Let Your Wounds Breath

Another one of the most absurd myths about your skin is that your wounds need fresh air to breathe. No matter what’s the cause of your bruises or wounds, the air is the last thing your wound needs. It is just a pervasive myth that has no logical understanding besides the fact that air makes the wound dry. Keeping the wound open would be an invitation to all the bacterial parasites.

The actual treatment that can effectively heal your wounds is a proper medication and a sterilized isolated environment. All kinds of ointments have a moist texture that keeps your wound a little moist to improve healing. Doctors also recommend covering the wound with Aquaphor or a bandage to prevent further infections.


Following effective medical advice, you can avoid getting caught in pointless doubts and baseless myths related to skin surgeries.

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