These Dental Products Will Improve Your Practice!

Happy patients and top-quality service should be key performance indicators for any dental practice, and the ability to achieve these goals relies largely on having outstanding staff and the right (best) tools for the job!


But when you’re busy running your practice and handling the daily tasks involved with both your patients and the paperwork produced – it can be difficult to find time to research the best dental products and supplies.


There are certain machines, tools, and operational instruments that only need to be purchased occasionally – then maintained and reviewed at regular intervals.

There will be implements and medicinal items that need to be carefully stored with specific units and legally compliant practices in handling them.

And then there are the disposables – the items that you need for every single patient that cannot be used more than once and have to be disposed of correctly to prevent any health and safety issues.


Finding a supplier that can bring you all of these products without the hassle and of the best quality might sound like a difficult task – especially when you bring in other considerations, such as eco-friendliness and recyclability.


But the right Oral hygiene products will make the difference between providing a good service and giving your patients a great service.


What Sort of Dental Products Do You Need to Buy Occasionally?


For items that can be used multiple times, you want to look for quality brands – and ones that are trusted, with great peer reviews – that will give you value for money and be simple, easy, and effective to use.


Dental supplies that might fall under this category could include:

  • Mouth Mirrors
  • Dental Probes
  • Excavator Spoons
  • Dental Drills
  • Suction Devices
  • Burnishers
  • Scalers
  • Water Flosser

Of course, all these items rely on you having stringent infection control policies in place and the appropriate tools (such as an autoclave) to regularly disinfect each set that you’re using throughout the day.


What Sort of Dental Products do You Need to Buy Regularly?


Regardless of whether you’re providing preventative, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry services – there are just some items that you will use again and again and for every patient.

Single-Use items can be a burden both on the budget and the environment – so finding a supplier that offers excellent quality and eco-friendly options can often make a real difference. Also read about The Power of Glen 20 in Odour Elimination and Disinfection.


Some of the single-use daily items that you might end up using a lot of could include:

  • Scrub Sets
  • Face Masks
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Aprons
  • Air Water Syringes
  • Paper Towels
  • Aspirator Brushes
  • Ice Packs
  • Swabs
  • Cups
  • Mouthwashes and Rinses

There are quite literally hundreds of disposable items that you could use and even more varieties to choose from – and your customers are expecting you to make the best choice for their needs.


How does Having the Right Dental Products Improve Your Practice?


Have you ever heard the phrase, “A worker is only as good as their tools, but only a bad worker blames their tools”?


The reason this phrase is still around is that it’s true – to perform your best work, you need to use the best tools and the most appropriate materials.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive – price doesn’t always indicate quality after all.


Taking the time to research different suppliers, the brands and varieties they’re offering, and understanding what you need to do your best work, is essential for your practice or surgery to do it’s very best.


It’s also important to look at the regularity of restocking – it’s all well and good to get a shipment of dental products in that you’re having a great time working with, but if the price suddenly rockets or the supplier can no longer provide you with them – how will you manage?


Working with a company that is well established, has clear guidelines, FAQs, and a visible ethos is a great start. Checking what other dentists and users have said about them is even better – because these people are also paying customers and will have used the products for their intended purpose.


Whether you’re just setting up your practice, having a shift in services offered, or are just looking for better supplies – the right dental products really can make a huge difference in your operations, as well as your budget and your levels of customer satisfaction.


Make time to check out the best dental products available, and you can do what’s best for you and your patients.





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