Surprising Benefits of Getting Your CPO Certification Online

The warm water laps over your feet as you gaze at the sparkling swimming pool. You smile, knowing that people must and will return for this experience. Furthermore, happy, returning pool-goers means a happy, satisfied boss.

So, how can you consistently achieve this outcome? You can become CPO-certified.

CPO stands for Certified Pool/Spa Operator. Today, many places offer different options to certify you: including CPO certification online.

Ready to learn how this may benefit you? Then keep reading for more!

What Does Maintaining A Pool Mean?

Maintaining a pool extends beyond simple cleanings. It protects swimmers’ health while extending the pool’s lifespan.

But what does this mean?

A pool requires consistent cleaning, circulation, and chemical treatment. This prevents potentially harmful microbial growth and pest infestation. Mosquitoes and frogs settle in neglected pools within weeks.

You may even have to drain the pool entirely if left untreated for so long.

Thus, you often need someone CPO-certified to achieve optimal results.

What Does Someone CPO-Certified/CPO Technician Do?

Someone CPO-certified or a CPO technician assists with all of the necessary tasks to maintain a healthy pool and then some. These include:

  • Lifeguard duties
  • Pool disinfection
  • Risk reduction
  • Water balance management
  • Chemical hazard management

Plus many more!

Those seeking CPO certification typically study courses in pool chemistry too, as many chemical reactions take place within pools.

This sounds like a lot, so how and where do you get certified? Continue to the next section!

CPO Certification Online And More

Today, multiple places offer CPO certification in-person, online, or through a hybrid format. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has normalized online learning environments, allowing companies like Pool Certs to thrive.

Thus, the online format differs a bit from your traditional, in-person learning environment.

For example, most in-person classes require students to attend all-day programs on a set few days. Hybrid formats usually have one in-person class, while you can complete the remaining coursework online.

Fully online certification offers the most flexibility. You can complete coursework on your own time from your own home (or anywhere else in the world). Many places even offer online abridged recertification tests.

Such certification (or recertification) benefits both the individual and the pool/company he or she works for. They gain invaluable skills that lengthen a pool’s lifespan, increase water safety, and so on. However, pool and spa certification also raise property value.

Think about it: CPO technicians maintain your pool(s) to a significantly high standard.

This means that the pool(s) will last longer, look and be cleaner, then overall sell for more.

Pool Certification In A Nutshell

Simply put, your pool requires high maintenance to make the most of it. CPO-technicians/certified individuals have all of the necessary resources, experience, and training. Online certification has only made it more convenient and accessible for those to get certified, thus making it easier for those to find/hire a technician.

Interested in getting your CPO certification online? Then, check out the other articles all about CPOs!

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