Play it Smart, Play it Safe: A Brief Guide to Casino Etiquette

Before implementing the new Gambling Law, the only type of internet gambling that could be lawfully undertaken in Poland was sports betting. Totalizator Sportowy, a state-owned enterprise, can now provide online casino-style games to its customers. This has created a lot of new jobs in Poland. 

Online casino polska jest dla wszystkich,” says casino expert Eliasz Nowak who, in this article, tells you how to stay safe while having fun at casinos. Find him here if you’d like to read more about his thoughts on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology!

Do Your Research About the Casino

Numerous online casino platforms are available, ranging from established global brands that have been around for years to start-ups that are just getting their foot in the door. Since they typically have the most up-to-date software and are more likely to offer considerable incentives to entice users away from the established sites, the latter can frequently be an attractive alternative. 

Due to the high priority that a trustworthy site will place on security and licensing, both features should be readily apparent from the home page itself. If they are not displayed on the front page, and you find yourself having to dig around in the “about us” pages for information, that is grounds for concern in and of itself, and you may be best advised to go elsewhere for the information you seek.

Use the Newest Security Software

Just like leaving your phone unlocked on the bar in a crowded pub, not having the latest security software will land you in hot water, even if you are using the most secure casino platform on the planet. Ensure that your handset is configured to automatically lock the screen when not in use and that unlocking it requires strong passwords or, better yet, biometrics to prevent unauthorized access. 

The most typical route for malware to infiltrate a smartphone is through installing an app from a third-party source, such as a website other than Google Play or Apple’s App Store. In and of itself, this presents a problem for casino gamers, as Google and Apple do not often include casino apps in their respective app stores.

Don’t Hand Out Personal Info

The social aspect of today’s casino games is one of their best features as you sit around the virtual blackjack table. Just like at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, you can converse with other players. The difference is that you can see who you’re talking to at a physical casino, so you’ll be wary if they start asking too many questions. 

Anyone could be hiding behind an avatar online, and usernames are meaningless. Being anyone you choose is wonderful and liberating, but hackers will use that disguise to coax information from you. Keep the conversation generic, and if someone seems overly concerned or intent on knowing your name, location, or other personal information, respectfully change the subject. 

Are the Payment Options Legit?

Whether you’re paying bills via online banking, shopping for Black Friday specials, or betting on red in an online roulette game, any online transaction that includes moving money bears some risk. Casinos will accept various payment options for funding your gambling account and withdrawing your winnings. 

Make sure the service you trust is available at the casino you choose as the whole goal is to avoid revealing your financial information to third parties. Check payment transfer times and, if any, charges or commission, as these might differ significantly from one casino to the next.

Check for Player Protection

Nowadays, all the good casinos emphasize the importance of responsible gambling. Just like a decent pub will quietly intervene if a patron has had one too many drinks, a good casino will assist you in determining when it is time to quit gambling and provide support to anyone who has developed a gambling addiction. 

In some ways, it’s similar to the point I made before about security and licensing. Casinos that take player protection seriously will usually clarify this point on their homepage. Because it speaks volumes about the company’s ethical and moral compass, even if you do not require this level of safety for yourself, giving your business to casinos that do is the ethical and morally correct choice.


There are numerous sites available that will provide you with the necessary information and knowledge to protect yourself from online gambling fraud. And, when you think about it, common sense goes a long way toward safeguarding you from being duped. Suppose the casino lacks a legitimate casino license? 

In that case, the bonuses will appear too good to be true, or there will be regular complaints that the casino is involved in shady operations. You should avoid it. You will be protected from being defrauded, and your personal information and money will be saved. Be cautious out there.

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