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Meena Nambi, who is she? Meena is an actress. She is a model. She is a celeb kid? Why is she so famous? Did she make some inventions? She is a scientist, or else? All the above questions answered here. This article about Meena ma’am, will clear up all your conceptions about her name and who she is. Meena’s Husband was born on December 12, 1941, in Nagercoil. He belongs to a Tamil Nadu family.

Meena real name is Meenakshi Ammal. Her father-in-law was a businessman who had a small business in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. Her mother-in-law was also a housewife. She married at the age of 26 on September 8, 1967, to Narayanan Nambi. After settled with her supportive partner, they gave birth to two children, Sankara Kumar Narayanan (the son) and Geetha Arunan (the daughter).

Meena Nambi

Meena nambi’s Early Life

Meena Nambi is a role model for women, especially those who belong to households. She is the wife of the great aerospace scientist and aircraft engineer, Narayanan Nambi, sir. Narayanan Nambi is an aerospace master who used to work at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He and his team had given India a liquid-propulsion engine, known as the Vikas Engine. Like we are so glad and thankful to Mr. Nambi Sir, he is multiple times thankful to Meena Ma’am.

She is a housewife, but Mr. Nambi knows that without her support and love, it wouldn’t be possible to successfully bring Vikas Engine to the world. Recently, in 2022, a movie named ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ came into the cinematic world, which shows how She took the side of her husband during the low phase of his life. Meena and her child faced humiliation and disrespect from society, but they still supported Mr. Narayanan Nambi until they together came out guilty-free.

Meena Nambi Biography

NameMeenakshi Ammal / Meena Nambi
Age82 years old.
Father NameRamaswamy
SiblingsTwelve siblings
Birthday Date12 December 1941
HusbandNarayanan Nambi (Aerospace Scientist)
OccupationHouse Wife
Martial Status Married
Age of marriage26
Marriage DateDecember 8, 1967
AutobiographyRocketry: The Nambi Effect
DaughterGeetha Arunan
SonSankara Kumar Narayanan

Meena nambi’s Physical Stats

Hair ColourSalt and Pepper
Eye Colour Black

Who is Meena Nambi’s husband?

Mr. Narayanan Nambi is the husband of Mrs. Meena. They married on December 8, 1967. Narayanan Nambi is an aerospace scientist who used to work at ISRO. He brought a number of inventions with his team to India. Narayanan Nambi was born on December 12, 1941. He took his degree in mechanical engineering, and after that, he began his career at the India Space Research Organization in 1996. To learn about aerospace, he went to Princeton University, New Jersey. There, he found one of the masters who shared his knowledge and time with Nambi Sir about his thesis. In New Jersey, Narayana Nambi completed his master’s in chemical rocket propulsion. He also got an offer from Nasa, but he rejected the offer to work at ISRO.

Meena Nambi

About Meena Bambi’s Children

Meena and Narayanan Nambi have two children. A son and a daughter seemed to be following the lessons they got from their supportive parents. Sankara Kumar Narayanan is the elder son of Meena and Narayanan Nambi, while Geetha Arunan is their younger daughter. One of the siblings of Meena named Usha. Meena is the biggest reason for Narayana Nambi’s achievements and success. She admires Narayana Nambi and his work, and therefore they even follow as an ideal couple.

What was Meena Nambi’s Husband accused of?

Meena Nambi’s Husband accused of being a traitor to the country, but he wasn’t, and it later declared by the judiciary. Meena’s partner wanted some of the resources for Vikas Engine creation, and for that, he tried to bring the equipment through airlines. Some of them felt that Mr. Nambi was engaging in illegal activities by selling the equipment to the Pakistani army. The government issued an arrest warrant against him, and he was in remand custody for 50 days. A police officer forced him to accept the charges, but he denied them. Later, after the investigation, the judiciary system came to the conclusion that it should free Mr. Nambi with respect and generosity.

How did Meena Nambi support Narayanan Nambi during his tough time?

When Mr. Nambi was accused under false charges of selling goods and equipment to enemies, Meena Nambi and her family stood by Mr. Nambi. Meena and her children were also treated badly and faced humiliation by society, especially by the media. They started calling them traitors and cheaters, but She didn’t allow all those things to affect her love and trust for Mr. Nambi. She used to run all the way from one police station to the courtroom to provide bail and demand justice.

To watch the visual of this movie called Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, which came in the trailers, it is based on the true story of the Nambi family and their strength. The movie came in two different languages, and the lead role was played by R. Madhavan Sir, who portrayed Mr. Nambi in the movie. To show the world the reality, the biggest stars like Shahrukh Khan and Surya Sir didn’t charge any fee for the respect of Mr. and Mrs. Nambi.

Meena Nambi Social Media

According To a report Meena Nambi has not handled any social media.

Meena nambi’s Net worth

It is unknown because she is catered to by her husband.


Meena Nambi is a popular personality as she is the wife of popular aerospace scientist and aircraft engineer, Narayan Nambi. She became a role model for every household woman. Narayan Nambi Sir is an aerospace master who is a master in working ISRO and has given significant liquid propulsion engines. Meena Ma’am is proudly a housewife who cares too much for her kids. Although they faced serious humiliation and disrespect from society during her husband’s low phase. Still, they supported him and now Mr. Nambi is a respected citizen of Indian society.

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