Kesariya Lyrics: Brahmastra Arijit Singh

Take a cinematic journey with us as we explore the captivating realm of Bollywood through the captivating tune of “Kesariya Tera.” With its ability to captivate audiences worldwide and weave its magic into Indian cinema, this timeless song has come to represent cultural resonance. Come along with us as we explore the history, development, and timeless appeal of “Kesariya Tera” in the context of Bollywood as we travel through the beautiful landscapes of musical narrative.

About the Kesariya Lyrics

One of the songs from the 2022 Indian fantasy film Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva called Kesariya. Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the song’s lyrics, and Arijit Singh, Pritam, and Amitabh Bachchan sang it. Sony Music India released the song on July 18, 2022. A romantic ballad about two lovers who separated by distance told in the song. The melody of the song is lovely and upbeat, while the Kesariya lyrics filled with longing and desire. Kesariya has gained popularity among Indian listeners and hailed for having a lovely melody and meaningful lyrics.

About the Singer

The song Kesariya is sung by Arijit Singh while the music is composed by Pritam. The lyrics of the song have been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The lead singer Arijit Singh is one of the most popular singers and has sung several Bollywood hits. He was born on April 25, 1987, in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal. He is well-known for his beautiful voice, adaptability, and emotional depth. His mesmerizing singing has won millions of hearts. He excels in a variety of genres, displaying his vocal versatility and skill in anything from upbeat dance music to melancholic melodies.

He has further demonstrated his linguistic versatility by singing in several Indian languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Hindi.

Understanding the Lyrics of Kesariya

The Kesariya lyrics are beautiful and melodious and evoke emotions through their poetic lyrics. To understand the meaning of the song we have divided it into three parts. So let us check them out.

Surface Level

The song tells the story of two people who are completely in love as they overcome obstacles. “Kesariya” alludes to the saffron hue that is customarily linked to love and selflessness.

“Saffron skies,” as mentioned in the lyrics, allude to a future full of ardor and dedication. The chorus emphasizes the frailty of love as it begs for comprehension and acceptance.

Deeper Level

The song can be read as a metaphor for self-discovery and finding comfort in another person. “Raat bhari hai raahi” (the night is long for the traveler) symbolizes the journey of life and finding companionship. “Hum safar mein hi humsafar” (we’re fellow travelers on this journey) emphasizes the shared experiences and mutual support in love. “Mil jaaye mujhko mera khuda meri dua hai” (may I find my god in my prayers) implies seeking fulfillment and divine connection in one’s lover.

Emotional Impact

The song’s tenderness and yearning resonate with anyone who has loved and faced difficulties. The melody, featuring Arijit Singh’s soulful vocals, amplifies the feelings of longing, hope, and resilience. “Kesariya” ultimately celebrates the transformative power of love and finding comfort in one another. 

kesariya lyrics

Pros of Kesariya Song

The following are some of the pros of Kesariya’s song:

  • The melody is really upbeat and catchy so you can sing along with it quite easily.
  • The lyrics of the song are beautiful as well as poetic telling the story of love as well as longing.
  • The song is sung by one of the most successful singers of Bollywood Arijit Singh who has a peaceful and melodic voice.
  • Beautiful photography and spectacular visuals abound in the song video.
  • The song has been streamed millions of times on YouTube and has been a huge commercial success.
  • The music video showcases the amazing chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor thus making it a visual treat.

Why Should You Listen to the Song Kesariya?

Beyond simple enjoyment, “Kesariya,” the melancholic ballad from “Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva,” is profound. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a beautiful musical and thought-provoking words-weaved tapestry of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery. Here are some reasons not to pass on this fascinating experience:

The Magical Touch of Arijit Singh

The emotional vocals of Arijit Singh along with his immense passion bring life to this song. Each word, as well as note of this song, comprises vulnerability, longing as well as a strong bond of love that stays with you even after the music fades.

A Melody Weaving Emotions

The song explores the complexity of love rather than focusing only on its happiness. A common and profoundly touching experience is created when the longing for understanding, the vulnerability of exposing your heart, and the hope for a shared future come together.

Poetic Depth

The lyrics of the song penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya convey both literal as well as metaphorical meanings. The lyrics “saffron skies” are symbolic of love and sacrifice as well as paint a vivid picture of a desire for consonance and solace.


Hopefully, by this article, we have been able to make you understand the meaning of this beautiful melody. If you have not heard the song we urge you to hear this beautiful and melodic masterpiece. Whether you would want it in your playlist totally depends on you. However, we expect you to be hooked on to it if you are a first-time listener. So immerse in the world of Kesariya lyrics, we think you won’t regret it.

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