Jessica Seanoa Biography, Samoa Joe wife, Age, Husband

Jessica Seanoa is a homemaker and language teacher. She was born on 4 October 1965 in Orange County, California, United States. Jessica’s zodiac sign is Libra, her ethnicity is white, and she believes in the word of Lord Jesus. Jessica Seanoa’s husband is Samoa Joe, who is a famous professional wrestler from the United States. 

Physical Stats of Jessica Seanoa

Jessica Seanoa is a beautiful lady, standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She weighs around 60 kg – and her body measures around 34-26-34 inches. Jessica’s feet size is 8 (US). Her dress size is 4 (US). The breast size of Jessica is 34B. The combination of hazel eyes and blonde hair make her look better. Tattoo-making is not her thing as she does not like to play with her body.     

Jessica Seanoa – Schooling, Parents, Husband, Education 

Parents James and Jessica Tony took care of Jessica Seanoa and her sister Lisa in Orange County, California, United States. Jessica’s keen interest in learning new languages pushed her very well at the Lake Nona Middle School. Hence, she went to the Foreign Service Institute and managed to earn a degree in Spanish. Her school teachers played a huge role to develop her Spanish to the basic level.  

Jessica Seanoa – Love Story with Samoa Joe

Jessica Seanoa

Samoa Joe started her love story with Jessica Seanoa in 2005. Within just two years, on 27 July 2007, Jessica started her marriage life with Samoa. The pair does have welcomed any kids. Many professional wrestling superstars were part of this amazing wedding. Samoa Joe said in an interview that Jessica has played a huge role to help him in his career in a bigger and better manner. He also made it clear that Jessica is the key reason behind her stability. It shows the connection of love between the lovely pair.  

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Jessica Seanoa’s Professional Journey 

Samoa Joe works a teacher of the Spanish language. For four years, she worked as a proper professional for a respective brand (2005 to 2009). A year later, in 2010, she joined a local NGO in Orange County as the financial background of Samoa became better at that time. It allowed her wife to end her time as a professional and join various NGOs. The main motive of Samoa is to help the poor section of the society. Teaching the unprivileged section of society plays a key role in her way.  

Jessica Seanoa’s Impact on social media 

Jessica Seanoa’s impact is decent on social media. She uses her social media accounts as a common girl. 

Net Worth 

Jessica Seanoa’s net worth is around $2 million (USD).       

better half – Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is an American professional wrestler. He has been working hard in this filed since 2000. From 2000 to 2015, Samoa did work for some less-known brands. In 2015, he made a huge step and joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Around the world, Samoa Joe is famous from his days at Impact Wrestling. Samoa is known for his amazing power and athletic ability. For betting loves, he is a very good investment. 

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