JioGames Cloud Launched: How to Play, Features, List of Games, About The Subscription Charges

JioGames Cloud is a digital platform that officially owned by Reliance owners. This platform is an engaging platform where you can have fun with play. An online medium to enjoy whatever you do on screen with your fingers. Anyone with a smartphone or a smart device can connect it and can have a leisure of all fun and entertainment.

 From the name you can note that is a cloud-based gaming platform. This platform offers an extensive and evolving options to play or to do gaming. This platform not limited and biased when it comes to the users’ policies to play on it. You can connect it anywhere and can enjoy the high end games from your small screen size to the biggest that you can project it on.

About Jiogames cloud

This platform was launched by the Ambani family, as they are founder of the Jio group. Jiogames cloud is an another initiative taken by them to spread their name and reach in every market that can part in. It is a digital gaming source where you can enjoy lots of games to enjoy. To play on this cloud system you just need to plug it in with you laptop, phone, Television or PC and they you’re set to win one.

Gaming is one of the best exercise to practice to reduce the burden of loads from your shoulders and also, to carry back your smile on your face. Agree? Yes, you will. Whether it is on the field or of the filed, it is amazing to strike all the time.

JioGames Cloud

Jiogames Cloud Features

They offer list of features which justify their significance, the features that attracts thousands of people to connect with them.

Top five features of jio games are:

High-end Games

Ultra offers for all the ages of players. It offers high end games which requires skills to win. Reach the destination by playing again and again. Games are for fun, not for the load to win or loose.

Multi-Device Operation

As, it is a cloud based computing game so it’s come with an advantage for sure. One can install this device into laptops, phones, television, PC and others.

Instant Play

This platform is easy to understand and to take an access. It doesn’t demand for any installation of the site, just tap it and play games over high speed internet connection.

High Quality Games

When it comes to quality you can trust them, an honest quality provider. This makes you feel real, you’re not the one tampering in the game, you’re the one who is actually playing inside it. When they ask for quality? High – quality end of the discussion!

30 Days free Trail

They are featured to offer 30 days of free trail. Login in today take a free trail check it whether you like it or not. Allowing of trial of one month is a big shark, they are confident about their serve.


Once you’re done with the free trial, they asked for you take a subscription plan. How much does it cost? Is it even worth it? Read further, you’ll get the answers. This is there way to generate income for their maintenance.


They’ll soon be touching an invite range, so many games, various editions, updates and versions and more. The range they offer start from AAA titles to Hyper Casual Games, addition is still on.

How to play games on Jiogames cloud?

Here are some steps to play jiogames cloud:

  • Simply register yourself on their platform and allow your experience to be more exclusive with their 30-day free trail feature.
  • They are so confident that they are offering a Free trial of one month, it is insane.
  • You have the confidence to duck it down, then give it a try by yourself.
  • Open their site, do the login enjoy a free trial, and then they’ll deduct a monthly subscription from your added bank accounts. This is how it operates!
  • It doesn’t demand any installation so, you’re free to enjoy all the games.
  • Choose one from 100 plus offerings, levels inside them is an extra compliment they give to themselves. Easy to understand, to play and to enjoy with no limits on it.  

Categories offered hyJiogames cloud

They offer a game library on their platform, explore their website for the real check. Choose what you love and play others in your free time. Enjoyment doesn’t sound boring, right? Enjoy them all!

Games offered by Jio Clouds

  • Crewsaders
  • Moving Out
  • Shift Quantum
  • City Legends: The cruse of the Crimson Shadow
  • Connected heart: The full moon Curse
  • Zeno Clash
  • Bombing Bastards
  • The Dark side Detective
  • Behind the Frame
  • Hidden Motives: The Diamond Rush
  • Hoko Life
  • Metal Slug: I, II, III
  • Away journey to the unexpected
  • Sacred Zodongga Defense
  • Desert Child
  • Unsung the golden mask Heroes
  • The Bridge Cruise: Road to Salvation
  • On the Road: Truck – Sinmulator
  • April’s Dairy

The list doesn’t end hear anyhow as there are 100 plus more games apart from the list of game that are mentioned above. To explore the one you like, you need to explore their site. They claim to assure that you’ll definitely get something new to experience with them. Take a strike and run whatever comes on your screen when you open their clouding games option.

About The Subscription Charges

They charge 200 INR for per month. It is a decent amount to enjoy fair play on the safe, secured and entertaining platform. It is digital so availability is no concern until, technical error strikes the door. In the year 2023, Reliance group has announced about a gaming platform, and they are into operations now. They do what they want to do, they are popular as brand across the globe.


JioGames Cloud an amazing platform, it is made in India brand. It is safe and secured platform to enjoy fun on your fingertips. This can be connected with multi device which improves your experience of playing it.It is operating in one of the most competitive markets, despite they are demanding a subscription charges from the players. The amount you pay allows to be an authorised member to explore this platform. Explore new games everyday with cloud computing software system. A digital medium to enjoy all types of games, play, learn, and earn rewards points with them.

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