Karina Elias Biography, Kevin Owens Wife, Age, Net Worth

Karina Elias works as a social media personality and interior designer. She was born on 31 May 1989 in Florida, United States. Representing white ethnicity, Karina does follow the Christian religion. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Elias’ husband is Kevin Owens, who is one of the best professional wrestlers. Her age is 33 years.

Physical Stats of Karina Elias

Karina Elias is a very beautiful lady, standing 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Karina, who does take care of fitness very well, weighs around 63 kg. Her body measures at the mark of 32-36-34 inches. Elias’ breast size is 32B, dress size is 6 (US), and feet size is 7 (US). The combination of brown eyes and black hair make her look just brilliant. If you do not know, Karina’s tattoo-making love is at a different level. 

Karina Elias: Parents, Siblings, Education 

Elias was born and brought up by Jake and June Elias along with her younger brother, whose name is Tim Elias. Karina always shone her class as a young student. She was quite famous at her school named Florida Public School. Karina’s teachers always liked her way of remaining discipline. Good grades allowed her to join Interior Design Institute, from where she earned a degree as an interior designer. Karina Elias’ dream was always to do something different. She made it real with a great level of hard work. It managed her to become a professional in her beloved filed. 

Karina Elias’ Love Story with Kevin Owens

-Elias – BIO

A public meeting, back in 2005, allowed Karina Elias to meet Kevin Owens. Within a year, they came up to a plan of living together. Things worked well for them – they started to plan their marriage. In 2007, Karina did marry Kevin and started her life with a Canadian gentleman. The lovely pair is blessed to have two children – a boy and a girl. Owen Hart and Elodie Leila are the children of Karina Elias and Kevin Owens. The family currently lives in Florida, United States, in a very beautiful house. Karina does love Kevin and sees her future only with her.      

Professional Career Of Karina Elias

Karina Elias is now a well-known social media personality and interior designer. She took her husband’s wealth to make her active social media profile. From her SM accounts, she does get a lot of projects. Karina works very hard despite is familiar with the fact that her better half is rich and can earn even more. It shows how much she loves her profession. It shows a light at the end of the tunnel for many people around the world. 

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Social Media

Elias has above 32.1k followers on Instagram. It is her biggest platform to showcase her professional life and personal work with her fans.

Net Worth

It can be a big surprise for many – but the net worth of Elias is $1 million (US dollars). Her husband has passed a big chunk of his wealth to her. Hence, she is very rich. 


Kevin Owens is a WWE superstar. He is one of the leading stars of the biggest and best wrestling brand. Coming from a humble Canadian background, Owens had to work very hard to open the doors of WWE. In 2014, he joined the best wrestling brand after a struggle of 10 years or so.

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