How to Open CS:GO Cases – All Ways

Active CS:GO players are well aware of the cases. This is an essential part of fast and hassle-free progress in Counter-Strike. If you have enough theoretical knowledge, it will be easier to achieve all the required goals from the very beginning.

Cases in CS:GO are slots/boxes that are filled with virtual weapons or skills to play with. It is not always possible to get what you want, but algorithms, hacks, and specific schemes have already been invented. Let’s find out more about all the possible ways to open CS:GO cases together.

How to Open Cases in CS:GO?

Cases may vary. You can get some cases for free – as a gift or buy it. For example, you can follow matches or even participate on official platforms. After the end of gaming, the team can be given cases for the gaming session that was completed.

Do not worry about the number of goodies provided after the game. Of course, the case will be opened to each player of the champion team. Additionally, you can count on the alternative way like CS:GO case opening when all the slots and boxes of your interest are possible to unlock with no problems.

Case Opening Through Gameplay Task Completion 

Everyone knows that there are tasks behind every gameplay. For the active completion of all tasks, you will also be able to get them, the skin that comes across will immediately fall into your arsenal. The easiest way to buy them is through special platforms like an online store.

Do not forget about specific keys in the game. They are also sold for case opening to simplify this task for CS:GO players. Keys can be purchased in a separate way at sites that deal with virtual products for the Counter-Strike game. 

Their price is approximately $2-3 (depending on the platform where you will buy), but it is worth noting that cases can come out with skins cheaper than the key itself (for example, by $1). And this is normal, but there are also lucky ones who fought back the price 3-5 times more key – only success!

Case purchase is also available on the official website of CS:GO. Price – $ 2.5 for one key, it is he who is needed to open one case. Case – a random set with skins. Basically, the player gets one skin from one case, but can also lead and drop more.

Features of Buying Cases in CS:GO

Let’s take a closer look at all the possible features in the context of buying cases in CS:GO. This way you can plan your budget and understand how much you need to spend for this or that purchase.

For example, some special cases like Easter or Elite AWP will cost more than some average ones. This way the player should pay from $15 up to $40 for such a slot or box. 

Here is a list of the most average CS:GO features concerning buying cases:

  1. For $4-$5, you can get a skin for almost any weapon.
  2. Be ready to pay the same price (about $4 or $5) to get a skin that costs more than the cost of the key. But note that the chances are different.
  3. Each case is a collection of weapon skins. It is difficult to predict anything because of the randomity factor. So, there are different skins for different weapons.

Open cases, be lucky, and let each of you get the same AWP Dragon Lore! Improve your skills with constant practicing and achieve new and new goals with competent recommendations related to the CS:GO hassle-free and speedy progress.

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