Become a Cosmetologist: What to Expect From Training Programs

Did you know that cosmetologists can make up to $28,000 a year? Not to mention, they get to make their own schedules, work for themselves, and interact with happy customers every day!

And getting a cosmetology license can be fairly easy. Nevertheless, first-time students still have many questions about the process and outcome. So if you’ve been wanting to become a cosmetologist, then keep reading this informative article.

How To Pick the Best Cosmetology School

Before you begin the process of getting your license, you’ll need to enroll in a cosmetology school. This can be a very daunting process for most students. Here are some factors to look for when looking at cosmetology programs:

  • Fully accredited
  • Affordable
  • Well-known
  • Educators with years of experience 
  • Good faculty members 
  • Newer facility

Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll need to start filling out your FAFSA and other financial aid applications. Lastly, your school may have a certified Financial Aid specialist who can speak to you about all of your options.

Choose a Cosmetology Career

Being a cosmetology professional can refer to many different fields. Here are some examples of some well-known cosmetology careers:

  • Nail tech
  • Barber 
  • Hairstylist 
  • Esthetician 
  • Makeup artist 
  • Lash tech 
  • Brow tech 

A cosmetology professional can get into these subfields of cosmetology. During your schooling, you may learn the basics of these subfields during an elective course.

Many times people go to cosmetology school to get hired for hair industry jobs after graduation. However, to be considered fully licensed, you will need to go to enter a specific program in the desired field!

How To Become a Cosmetologist

Once you’ve applied and have been accepted into your cosmetology program, you can start your journey to a great career!

You can expect to be in a program for 1 to 3 years. During this time, you will learn new techniques, have observation courses, and practicum courses. 

Here are some of the courses that you may need to take to graduate:

  • Shampoo and Related Theory
  • Manicuring and Related Theory
  • Facials and Related Theory
  • Salon Management 

There are only basic course guidelines. Your school may not offer these specific courses. However, you will take similar courses! Overall, cosmetology school takes about 2 years which equals out to around 1500 hours. 

What Does It Mean To Have a Cosmetology License? 

Having a cosmetology license means you can legally practice in any setting. For example, you can do freelance work, open your own salon, or work under someone!

 With any of these careers, you will be able to show your artistic side which is what most cosmetologists dream of. Some cosmetology students even go on and work for celebrities as their hair stylists, nail techs, or makeup artist. 

Overall, the possibilities are endless once you have a cosmetology license!

Become a Cosmetologist Today

Now that you know how to become a cosmetologist, you can start applying to your dream school! Always remember that cosmetology school differs in their programs and wait periods. Nevertheless, becoming a certified cosmetologist has never been so easy.

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