A concise guide to defining the setting of your diamond ring

Choosing the right setting for your diamond ring is a very important decision. The setting will determine the way the diamond looks, and thus its value. There are many things to consider when choosing a diamond ring setting, from metal type to style and size of the stone.

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Finding the perfect Setting Styles

Choose the right stone for the setting

The first thing to consider when choosing a diamond ring setting is what stone shape you want. Round diamonds look great in almost any setting, but if you prefer an oval or marquise cut, there are different styles that will flatter those shapes as well.

The next thing you’ll want to think about is the metal color of your ring. Platinum and white gold are both very popular options because they complement most gemstones and allow them to shine brightly. Some people prefer yellow gold instead of white gold because it brings out more color in the stone.

Once you’ve decided on a metal color, it’s time to choose which type of prong setting will work best with your diamond’s shape and size. Prongs hold the gemstone securely in place on top of the band without touching its edges and causing damage over time (such as chips). Prongs come in many different styles — some are longer than others; some extend out farther from the band

When choosing a set style for your diamond ring, it’s important to keep in mind your personal taste as well as any budget limitations. You also want to make sure that the style you choose is appropriate for the size and shape of your diamond, as well as its intended use (i.e., engagement ring or wedding band).

The most popular setting styles include:

Bezel: A bezel-set stone is held in place by a raised rim around its perimeter, which can be made out of metal or plastic (the latter being less expensive). Bezel-set diamonds are often used in engagement rings because they provide maximum protection against knocks and scratches while still allowing light to pass through their centers without distortion.

Channel: A channel-set stone has its prongs set into channels on either side of its girdle (or bottom edge), with no prongs visible from above. This makes channel-set diamonds appear more seamless than other types of settings.

You are supposed to choose the right setting based on the shape of your diamond and also based on the precious metal you are going to use to make the ring. The most commonly used is 14k yellow gold. As it is a yellow gold alloy, it has a touch of copper in it which helps to protect your diamond from any kind of corrosion or oxidization. Another metal that is commonly used for making the ring is platinum. Platinum is hypoallergenic and hence many women tend to choose this over gold.

Keep all aspects in mind when deciding the setting for your diamond ring.

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