8 Reasons Why You Should Become an Engineer

There are around two million engineers in the U.S, which shows we’re a nation of innovators. 

Becoming an engineer is alluring, as it’s a satisfying role and challenges you to grow. Perhaps you’ve considered engineering, but you’re not sure whether it’s the right fit for you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight reasons why you should become an engineer today.  

1. Promotes Creative Thinking 

You’ll want to consider a major in engineering if you’re a creative person.

Engineers are faced with complex problems that can only be solved by thinking outside of the box, so creativity is a must-have. Because of this, every engineer uses math, science, and a deep understanding of their field to discover innovative ways of developing systems. 

2. You Can Work Across the Globe 

Regardless of the types of engineers and roles, many choose this profession so they can work in different countries.

Every country is desperate for engineers which means you’ll find employment in mechanical, electrical, and even civil engineering. But make sure you learn their language as it will develop your skillset and boost your desirability. 

But don’t worry if you’re a homebody. There are many opportunities where you can mostly work from home and then pop into the workplace twice a week to discuss your findings. Not only does this give you more flexibility, but it lets you focus and work productively rather than alongside the team. 

3. Great Job and Financial Security 

An engineer’s mission to improve community development rewards them with fantastic job security. The U.S Department of Labor predicts that the number of engineers will grow to 1.86 million by 2028.

Further, engineers can enjoy great financial security too. Deepening your engineering knowledge comes with a hefty pay rise and a competitive salary. So although you’ve poured your soul into achieving the difficult qualifications, it pays you back in the end.

4. Work in Different Departments 

Earning an engineering degree gives you flexibility in your employment. This is because engineers must develop technical skills, work with a range of data, and oversee projects. As a result, engineers can work in journalism, marketing, and even finance. 

Further, engineers must consider the ethics of professional engineering so that each individual lives up to the expectations of clients and society as a whole. Note, engineering ethics is required in every field and must be adhered to at all times. 

Also, you needn’t worry about grueling physical labor as you’re orchestrating the project from behind a computer screen. This reduces the risk of injury and means you have more energy after work. 

5. Huge Impact on the World

It’s no surprise that engineers have an enormous impact on our world.

From the cars we drive to agricultural machinery that harvests crops, we would be nowhere without an engineer’s innovation. And aside from creating these structures, engineers understand the importance of working alongside the environment.

As a result, engineers have discovered ways to harness power from renewable energy and reduce our impact on the world Because of this, engineering is prestigious regardless of which field you’re in.

This is because engineers keep our country economically competitive and ensure American citizens have a high standard of living compared to other countries. Engineers also improve public safety, thanks to the safety measures they’ve put in place. 

6. Job Satisfaction

Being satisfied at your job stems from having a good income, work-life balance, and security. This is the lifeblood of your career, otherwise, you won’t focus or want to become a master of your craft.

Luckily, engineering guarantees great job satisfaction as no two days are the same. Plus, you’re constantly challenged to become your best version of yourself. 

7. Establishes You for Life

Less than 66% of the American population can afford to buy their own house, thanks to rising house prices and rent.

But engineers needn’t worry about this as you’re guaranteed high job security and the median annual wage is around $90,000.

Because of this, most banks will happily grant you a mortgage so you can buy your dream home. It also means that while many Americans can only rent, you can pay off the house before you retire so you’re no longer in debt.

Further, engineers can enjoy a great health insurance plan for you and your family. Although overlooked, this is crucial if there’s an emergency and may even improve your overall life expectancy.

Another advantage is you needn’t work in the evenings or on weekends. Unlike professions like hospitality, you can follow a traditional schedule so you can regularly spend time with family and friends. 

8. Constantly Learning

Engineers are life-long learners especially if you want a promotion. And with the world constantly changing, engineers must learn to innovate and adapt at the same rate.

This is fantastic as it keeps engineers curious and engaged, making every day an exciting day at work. You can either take courses in your free time, teach others, and get hands-on experience to broaden your horizon.

And because you’re constantly learning, it means you use cutting-edge technology and the latest software. Engineers must become experts in their field, whether it’s coding or having a deep understanding of CAD (computer-aided design). 

Become an Engineer Today

Hopefully, this article has convinced you to take the plunge and become an engineer. 

Engineers can enjoy financial security, job opportunities, and a great work-life balance. It also means you’re a life-long learner and you can work with a range of industries. What’s not to love about this profession?

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