5 Reasons Why Instagram Is Better Than Other Social Media

Social media has a drastic influence on the lives of individuals in today’s world. Every social media user has some of the social media apps installed on their phones like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Instagram is quite popular among youth, and it can be said that it makes for their favorite social media app. The Instagram growth service is an absolute blessing for the users to get the growth rapidly. One of the best things about Instagram is that you can easily leverage the targeted Instagram growth for your page by either using organic growth tools or other strategies.

Nevertheless, if you want to know five reasons why Instagram is better than any other social media platform, we’ve mentioned them in this article. Read on!

1.Instagram Has an In-Built Messaging

Unlike Facebook, where you have to install Facebook messenger separately in order to use its services, Instagram has a built-in messaging feature that makes it quite convenient for users.

This way, you don’t have to deal with storage issues and can easily exchange messages among different Instagram users without any delays. Instagram messaging also allows for quick one-click sharing of posts and stories with your friends, therefore, making it more user-friendly.  

2.Instagram Has Several Fun Filters to Use

Sharing beautiful pictures and videos on your social media accounts is a new way to impress your friends or followers. However, there’s no denying that Instagram has the best filters. You can choose any filter you like for your photo or video right before posting it on your profile or story.

It’s always fun to experiment with a variety of filters and see what stunning effects one filter brings to your memories.

3.Instagram is a Visual Social Media App

Although Pinterest may come into your mind when reading “visual app”, still Instagram is better than Pinterest and any other app due to the fact it’s not only visual but also offers tons of other social features.

On Instagram, you can simply add a short caption with your picture or video and let the visuals do the talk. This obviously requires less effort, and your followers will get attracted by the appeal of your feed and how creative you are.

4.Instagram is an Ideal Platform for Marketeers

Although you can purchase goods or services from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram is better in not only purchasing items but also selling them.

You can use multiple organic growth strategies to quickly grow your newly-built page for your small business, and adding a high-resolution picture or video of your product can make you go viral in no time. As there are approximately 60% of 18 to 34 years old users on this app, it’s easier to influence their buying patterns and make them invest in your business.  

5.Instagram Has Better Content Display

Whether you are a social media influencer or run a business on Instagram, you can do better on this platform as compared to any other app because of its user interface.

The UI on Facebook and Twitter is quite cluttered. At a time, you can see the chat option, ads, photos, sidebars, links, and other things. However, in terms of Instagram, you can display your photos and videos in a cleaner, better way to your audience. It also makes it easier for the users to interact with your posts.

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