What are the pros and cons of instagram story viewer?   

Do you ever try the apps that work as the story viewer? Are you thinking to try this app? Well, it is good tool for those who loved to sneak peak privately. In case you are an introvert person then you will love to use this app. this app is helpful to hide your identity so use privately.

Instagram viewer tends to provide many facilities and don’t even let you reveal your account id. Instagram itself is the app known for its unlimited access to different opportunities. Instagram is also known for the business development. They allow you for establishing your profile and gaining popularity through instagram. Instagram is like other platforms with limitless possibilities. Your talent can be hype up if you start posting on instagram because instagram have high number of users.

On the other hand where there are uncountable benefits then there are some of drawbacks as well. Some unscrupulous user tries to scam by using instagram and taking advantage of this platform. But that’s not the problem here. Problem is that these people using other software or website to do wrongful acts. So let’s try to figure out what are the pros and cons of this software and sites.

Spying of others content

Those who are willing to spy on other people’s content can have opportunity to use the story instagram viewer.  These apps are beneficial in this case. If you have any competitor then you will able to know what are they posting and what their feed lookalike.  You have the access to their account and whenever you like to see their stories, you can view them.

Anonymous browsing

A typical trait of humans is curiosity and they tend to focus on what their partner doing. They have an urge to know what their partner up to. You if you are one of them then use the anonymous browsing tool where your partner wouldn’t know that you keep an eye on them. you can satisfy your curiosity by using this.

Spying without any account

Now you don’t have to register for any account when you have instagram story viewer. This app allow you to spy privately and no one knows about this. An interesting thing is that you can spy on your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. You can have all the details about them.

Affects other people mentality

A big drawback of the instagram story viewer is that they disturb the other people perception about views. Now you must think that how is that possible?  Let me explain you. if you don’t telling anyone about your activity but they someone still know about you then you must wonder how they would not. You might get disturb and irritated which automatically leads to stress and anxiety then that’s how a big drawback of instagram story viewer.

Final thought

In this article you will know what are the pros and cons about the usage of instagram story viewer. Once you know about story viewer then you will able to know things which you have to consider while using the instagram story viewer.

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