How To View Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

Instagram profile pictures are the introduction to any profile on Instagram. Having a perfect profile picture becomes necessary for each and everyone. Usually people spend hours clicking and selecting their Instagram profile picture. We want our profile picture to be the best of our pictures as that is the first thing anyone would view in our profile. You would never want to go wrong with that! But what’s the point when we can’t get a complete look at profile pictures on Instagram. It’s nothing new; we all know that we cannot open any Instagram profile picture in full zoom, no matter what we do. Instagram restricts us from viewing any profile picture in full zoom. But we of course want to see the amazing pictures of our loved ones or the ones we are following or are about to follow to know whom the account belongs to. But how?

Instagram profile picture viewers

The answer to all your Instagram profile picture issues and restrictions on Instagram is the Instagram profile picture viewer. These are amazing and powerful third-party apps that use AI technology to easily open any Instagram profile picture in full zoom on Instagram. These apps are easily available on Google and on app stores for you to access. You simply need to reach out to their website and search for the person whose profile pictures you wish to view. One of the most powerful and safe Instagram profile picture viewers is Insta zoom. There are other apps as well for viewing Instagram profile pictures in their original size and resolution. But the benefit of using Insta zoom is that it is easy as all you need to do is enter the username of the person on their app without even registering or providing any personal information, the pp will automatically display the Instagram profile picture in enlarged form and with a download button to save it to your gallery. It is free to use and safe as it does not keep any of your downloaded media.

 Alternate method for downloading Instagram profile pictures using browser:

Another method that can be used to view any Instagram profile picture in full zoom is by using a browser. Rather than logging in into your profile on Instagram, use your browser to open your Instagram account. Simply open on your browser and log in into your profile. Now navigate to the profile of the person whose profile picture you wish to view. Simply right click on their profile and from the drop down menu choose ‘open in new tab’ option. The profile picture will open up in its original size in a new tab. This way you can view any Instagram profile picture in its original size. The only issue with this method is that at times the profile picture does not open completely, rather only  part of the picture is visible. Also the quality of the image depends on your browser and device.


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