Your Future With Double Roller Blinds

Whether you’re looking to have new blinds installed or upgrade your existing installation, double roller blinds are always a winner! These elegant, affordable blinds are sure to bring aesthetic value to any room, not to mention functionality. If you need help deciding what’s best for your space, look no further!

Why Choose Double Roller Blinds?

If you are looking for a sleek “minimalist” look, yet want enough privacy, the double roller blinds would be your go-to regardless of whether it’s for residential or commercial use.

Double roller blinds are modern and stylish, yet functional. They consist of two roller blinds, the first giving you complete transparency without blocking your view, yet still protecting you from UV rays. The second blind provides you with complete privacy, blocking out the light. This is even useful at nighttime when you prefer complete darkness for sound sleep.

For optimal luxury, you have the motorized roller blinds option, especially helpful when you have roller blinds outdoors or on larger and higher windows.


The Benefits and Features of Double Roller Blinds

There are various benefits of having double roller blinds and features that will make it a good investment for your property upgrade:

  • Versatile yet stylish
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Made from high-quality material and aluminium tubes
  • Slimline Dual brackets for recess fit
  • Twin blinds comply with Australian Child Safety Rules

The list goes on! This is a product designed to last, while keeping customer satisfaction in mind all the way!


Why Choose Motorised Double Roller Blinds?

One of the major benefits of motorised blinds is that it naturally deploys with the help of the sensors. These sensors pick up on sun, wind and rain. As soon as the sensors pick up on the heat, it can deploy the blinds, and retract in windy and rain weather, protecting your blinds from any potential damage during harsh weather conditions.

Motorised blinds can also be operated with a remote, always leaving you in control of your blinds. It is especially beneficial for the elderly with limitations, and to control blinds that are in hard-to-reach places. It even helps save electricity if you adjust the blinds as the day progresses to minimise heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. You’ll use your AC so much less!

Motorisation also means less wear and tear from being handled manually and is more child safe as there are no cords hanging which can be a hazard, and break. These blinds can also be combined with home automation for the ultimate in a luxurious lifestyle.

Home automation is slowly but surely taking over the interior design world and has completely transformed the way we live and take care of our homes. Now your blinds become part of that system too.

5 Benefits that Make Motorised Double Roller Blinds Worth a Try

  • Less wear and tear
  • More user friendly
  • Cost effective installations
  • Low energy usage
  • Wireless operation


FAQ on Roller Blinds

How Often Do Motorised Blinds Need to Be Charged?

How often you need to charge your battery-operated blinds, will depend on how frequently you use it. Still, when acquiring quality installations from leading suppliers, even if you use them frequently, you should only need to charge your motors every few months. In other cases, only twice a year.

When your batteries run flat, you’ll still be able to operate these blinds manually, never leaving you with blinds stuck in the open or closed position.


How Do I Know When to Replace the Batteries On My Roller Blinds?

If your roller blinds are battery-operated, these batteries should be changed every five years, unless unforeseen damages cause you to replace them sooner.

Blinds that are connected to your house’s main system, could last forever if well-maintained and manufactured from good quality materials.

Is It Expensive to Automate My Roller Blinds?

Given the wide range of options to automate your blinds, it is hard to give an estimated price. However, home automation has been developed to be more affordable and has therefore become more popular.

Can I Choose the Colours of My Double Roller Blinds?

Double roller bli are available in a variety of colours and textures, so these blinds are a practical option no matter your current décor or room theme. Simply choose the look for your custom-made blinds, to complement your interior style. Pick out timeless colours to ensure you have stylish blinds that will look great for years to come.


Final Thoughts

Double roller blin have become a leading installation in the interior industry. In various homes, this can be the feature that sets apart a room.

Now that you know all the details, will it be the feature you pick for upgrades this year? Installations are quick and easy, and reputable companies offer a great warranty on their products and workmanship! It’s a change worth making.

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