Let’s know some easy ways to fix iPhone error 4013

Intro: If you are having an iPhone then you must be familiar with the fact that it may have many technical issues. One of these issues is the iPhone error 4013 which arises due to interruption in between the update or restoring of the device. As this error pops up, it tells that your device cannot be updated or restored. This may be a major problem but it is equally easy to resolve also.

What causes iPhone error 4013?

Before moving towards the solutions to fix the issue, let’s know about the main causes of error 4013 during the IOS system recovery. Here mentioned are the major ones among them:

Well, the error 4013 is commonly referred to be an issue in the iPhones but that’s not completely and technically correct. The reason behind is that it may be in iPods, iPads or iPhones too. This error generally occurs when there is some issue in the updating and restoring of the IOS device. This may be due to the connection problem with the iTunes. In some cases, it can be because of the software bugs whereas in some cases it is because of hardware failure.

Some solutions to fix the issue

To cope up with this issue is not a daunting task as there are quite easy ways to deal with it. Let’s check out the mentioned below ways to resolve the issues of error 4013. 

Solution 1: Update the iTunes software

The major reason of the issue is the software and if the software will not be updated to the latest version then it will keep causing the issue to your iPhone device. As the iTunes is very much necessary for the updating of iPhones so you will need to keep it updated. Updated software can easily resolve your problem. Just update your software and again try to restore your iPhone and you will face no issues.

iphone black screen via itunes

Solution 2: Factory reset your device

You can opt for this method to get rid of the error 4013 and ios system recovery. This is a simple method that requires no additional tools. All you have to do is take a backup of all the important files and then factory reset your device. Backup is essential as this method can erase all the data. Once the device is reset all the errors will be gone.

iphone error 4013 via reset

Solution 3: Use different USB cable

As it may be an issue caused due to hardware so you can try using another USB cable. It might be possible that the connection is poor and there is no communication between the iPhone device and iTunes. The reason could be faulty USB cables. If you know it is the problem, then simply swap out the cable connector and try a new one.

Solution 4: Force restart the iPhone when it is on charging

You can fix most of such issues by force restarting your iPhones. You can also resolve the error of 4013 simply by restarting the iPhone when its on charging. All you have to click the volume buttons and the home button according to the model of your device. This is completely safe option and you will not lose any of your data.

Solution 5: Using the Dr.Fone tool

You can also use the tools to resolve the issue of error 4013 and wondershare Dr.Fone is such a tool which is very much effective in this issue. This is an easy to use tool as well as its features make it a trust-worthy option. Here are some of the features of this tool:

  • Fixes the problem and keeps all your data safe: as compared to other ways and tools, this tool effectively fixes the issues and you also need not to worry about data as it keeps all your data intact and safe.
  • Two different modes: there are two different modes available to fix the issues and that are standard and advanced modes. You can opt for the standard mode in most of the cases but some issues may require to use the advanced modes. However the standard mode do not erases any data but in the advanced mode you may lose all the data.
  • Compatible to all the devices: this tool is absolutely compatible to all your iPhone devices and data is also kept intact.

Here are the steps to use the tool for eradicating the issue of error 4013:

  • First of all install and launch the tool in your system and when it is done, select system repair option. 
drfone toolkit
  • Now, set it to the standard mode.
connect iphone to computer
  • After that connect your device with the system, select the system version and click on start to start the restoring of your device. This can be done through the window that will pop up on the screen.
  • As the restoration is completed you will need to disconnect the devices and check if all the data is restored and the error is eradicated effectively.


Error 4013 can be a blunder or may be a major problem for you. However, once you know the ways to deal with this issue, it becomes easier and you need not to worry also. As these solutions are completely safe and cause no data loss, you can opt for them without wasting your time. Moreover, the Dr.Fone tool is the best way to resolve the issue as it is easy to use and a reliable option.

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