Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android – Best Methods in 2021

Today’s technologically progressive era has posed the requirement of constant upgrade in every sector and so is applicable to communication devices and platforms. Changing your smartphone for a version upgrade or a better OS is the easiest thing you can do. When switching between Android and iPhone, WhatsApp transfer is something you have the utmost concern for.

Importance of WhatsApp Transfer

The flawless communication facility and amazing features that WhatsApp provides its users with, makes it a trusted, safe and easy communication app. Right from messaging, calls and media sharing to business development and growth, WhatsApp sorts out everything for you in one go. For this reason, ensuring a quick and hastle-free whatsapp transfer backup & restore is something WhatsApp users are really concerned about while switching their smartphones, particularly from iPhone to Android, since data migration between the two is not that easy.

Solutions for Transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Looking for effective solutions to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android is a necessary concern because the process is not practically as easy as it theoretically seems, along with an added risk of data loss. However, there are still some tools that enable this task in a comparatively easy way. Wondershare MobileTrans is one such application you can rely on.

Steps to Use Wondershare MobileTrans Application

This one is a user friendly tool for transferring data from your iPhone to Android device. You just need to install the MobileTrans application in your PC and follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Once you are done with the app installation, launch the application on your PC. On the app’s home page, click on ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ at the top left corner.

MobileTrans -home

Step 2: Connect you iPhone and Android devices to your PC and click on ‘WhatsApp Transfer’. Wait for the program to automatically detect and mark the connected devices as ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’. Select the ‘Flip’ option to reverse the device positions if needed.

whatsapp transfer android to ios

Step 3: Select ‘Start’ and click on ‘Yes’ in the pop up window that appears next. Wait for the process to finish, while keeping the devices connected.


Alternatives to Wondershare MobileTrans

There are some other methods that you can use to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, but they may pose installation and usage difficulties, accompanied with the additional risk of data loss. Given below are some alternatives to Wondershare MobileTrans, along with their potential disadvantages:

WhatsApp’s Inbuilt Feature

WhatsApp has recently introduced an inbuilt feature that allows you to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, but is only supported in a few latest Samsung models like, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 etc. some additional limitations of this method are enlisted below:

  • You need an OTG cable to go through the process
  • It is available in latest, Samsung smartswitch tool enabled smartphones only. You need to go for a factory-reset if you are using an older Android version. Another cause of worry here is that complete transfer of data is not guaranteed.
  • You need to switch to a new number for using WhatsApp on your Android device after the transfer process from iPhone gets completed.
  • You will lose old chats of your WhatsApp contacts.

Google Drive Backup

When switching from iPhone to Android, you can even go for backing up WhatsApp data on Google Drive, though it’s not as convenient as it appears. Listed below are some potential issues you might face in this process:

  • While you can use Google Drive to backup your media, iPhone allows you to back up messages on iCloud. Hence, you can never transfer your entire WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, even with the iOS Google Drive application.
  • Your WhatsApp data gets imported as email attachments on Google Drive for Android.
  • You need to keep your email id logged into the destination device till the process completes.
  • WhatsApp conversations get transferred one at a time.

Utilities of Wondershare MobileTrans Application

Wondershare MobileTrans is greatly proffered for WhatsApp transfer between devices owing to the following:

  • It guarantees hassle free transfer of WhatsApp and other data between your iPhone and Android devices.
  • Its user friendly interface guides you at every step with necessary pop up instructions.
  • You can comfortably take backups and restore your WhatsApp data on multiple devices.
  • You can easily proceed with an OTG adapter or cable. You need not have a PC to use this application.
  • It’s compatible with other WhatsApp utilities, viz., WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Beta and applications like WeChat, Kik, etc.
  • You can also export your WhatsApp messages from your PC in PDF or HTML formats.


Owing to the convenience that WhatsApp provides its users in everyday needs of data sharing and communication services, it is an immediate concern for users to keep their WhatsApp data secure and readily available, particularly when switching from iPhone to Android and vice-versa. Wondershare MobileTrans is a highly recommended and convenient tool to be used in this regard. Dedicated to ensure a safe, lossless and encrypted WhatsApp transfer between the aforesaid devices, you can trust on this tool regarding privacy concerns.

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