Turkish Drone Can Become Robotics Killer

Autonomous is the new age concept where you are hunted and also remotely engaged in achieving various human targets and also known for handling conflicts. The first recorded death in the report of the united nations is of an autonomous killer who is a robot and this is the confirmed death. But more casualties cover under this process remain unclear and then the second death which was recorded in March 2020 was of Kargu- 2 attack which is by the agency known as Lethal Autonomous Weapon system and which is known to target soldiers and also convey and let them conquer the Libyan National Army and also sought the Civil conflict possessing with this issue and countering the Libyan government forces on this matter. Report Turkishmade Libyastanleygizmodo.

About the Drone Kargu-2 Attack

The kargu- 2 drone is highly ineffective and also it is known to be attacked by various UN experts it is served to be of highly effective during times of conflict and also combined with other aerial vehicles and which is known to result in so many significant casualties which is having no defence against these attacks and that is run by mostly remote and are most probably aerial in nature. Killer drone hunted down human target.


It is regarded and known to be based on machine learning algorithms and also it is processed in real-time they are known to track and engage in the targets autonomously. It is specifically designed in order to capture the autonomous processes and manually handle the operating modes and it is also linked to creating its own Kamikaze drones.

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Effects of this Incident

Now the research scientist is analysing and studying the effect of terrorism and its responses and also terming this incident very much terrifying and haunting to most of the Kargu’s 2 deployments now they are started beginning with a new chapter and this drone is used to kill most of the human beings on the basis of their artificial intelligence and also fears of Science fiction is also predicted and this incident has marked a terrifying turning point into the lives of people and termed it to be global welfare for the entire world and which is based on the killing of the human beings on the basis of the artificial intelligence. Scientists are drones to down human.


Various companies are deploying or petitioning for a global ban on these autonomous weapon practices and systems. The coalition of UN members, they are arguing for the assistance of these legal regulations and making it not necessary for the current technology system to think of this issue lately and put light upon it. The coalition of UN members which includes U. S. is arguing about the pre-emptive legal regulations which is mostly faced by the current technology and also stalling the further processes on the issue for the further assistance.

Government Opposition

Various human rights watchdogs and non-governmental organizations petitioned global ban in these autonomous systems and also argued global legal regulation systems on the current position of technology limitations and also effective thinking on this issues.

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