What’s up with Macramé Bags?

It seems that macramé bags are becoming all the rage — if they weren’t already. Whether your look for the day is casual glam, a jumpsuit, or a flowy maxi skirt, a macramé bag is the perfect statement piece to add texture and shape to any outfit.

So, what exactly is macramé?

Macramé is a form of textile art involving strings or cords knotted into decorative and even stylish patterns. Macramé is most popular in home décor, and you can see it often in the form of plant hangers, wall hangings, drapes, wreaths, pillows, and many other elements of display. Macramé is also prevalent in Boho fashion, showing up as macramé dresses, belts, shawls, and cover-ups. One of the most fashionable ways to get on the macramé train is to sport a macramé bag.

Macramé bags come in all shapes and sizes. They range from simple designs you can DIY at home to fancier handcrafted patterns made of colourful dyed threads. The result is both versatile and fashionable; the style won’t look out of place at the beach, the park or the farmer’s market. You aren’t limited by size or space. There are smaller pieces you can use as purses to big ones that can carry your groceries. Depending on the material, it can be soft and stretchy or hard and rigid.

Macramé is a good way to express yourself and wear your personality. Whether you want a classic design or prefer something more creative, your bag is sure to draw lots of attention.

What’s so good about macramé bags?

Lightweight, ideal for everyday use

If you don’t feel like planning out an outfit for the day, your macramé bag is enough to make a fashion statement. It’s a great choice for a lifestyle that’s busy and on the go.

Kind to your muscles

Your macramé bag isn’t just fashionable. A good bag should be easy to carry, comfortable and light enough that you don’t end the day with indents on your skin or muscle pain. 

Convenient and flexible

Getting the most use out of your macramé bag is as easy as dropping your things in, hoisting it over your shoulder and going on your way.  It can be your chic accessory to the beach, a trusty companion while shopping, or a fashionable way to keep track of your valuables when having coffee with your friends downtown.


Compared to clunky handbags, heavy backpacks, or unwieldy giant purses, carrying a macramé bag is a good way to free your movement. Having this handy accessory means doing away with the difficulties of reaching for essentials in a pinch, like struggling with straps and pockets or stuck zippers while on public transport.

Simple and ergonomic

Macramé bags are particularly convenient to use because they are the easiest to store. You can bunch it up, throw it in a pile or hang it on a hook without worrying about wear and tear.

Always in fashion

One thing about macramé bags is that they will never go out of fashion. The stylish, classic design should carry a certain timeless charm you won’t as easily find in other designs. If you want to make a long-lasting first impression, sporting a macramé bag is a great and effortless way to make a statement.

You have a wide selection of macramé bags to choose from, depending on your taste and needs. This modish fashion accessory will help you go through from one season to another, wherever the occasion may be.

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