Best Ways To Choose Engagement Ring As Per Zodiac Sign

Many people throughout the world prefer doing things as per their zodiac sign. As per astrology, the zodiac signs not only just define a person’s personality but also his or her character traits. It not only just defines who the person is but also the person’s powerful strengths as well as weaknesses.

Each zodiac sign is powerful and has a different meaning. People pay attention to them so they can improve their life as much as possible. This is also one of the major reasons that many people prefer buying jewelry, especially engagement and wedding rings as per their zodiac signs. When it comes to engagement rings, many people choose them to be as per their zodiac sign. But this type of purchase needs a high understanding of both engagement rings and zodiac signs. Along with this, the best ways to choose engagement rings as per zodiac signs are listed below.

The zodiac signs are known for a variety of reasons. These signs belong to four elements, i.e. fire, earth, air, and water. Each element is known for covering different zodiac signs. The zodiac signs that they cover are listed below.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are zodiac signs that are also known as fire signs. People of these signs are known for their big, as well as bold personalities. Those who are born in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, i.e. from March 21 to April 19, July 23 to August 22, and November 22 to December 21 are considered fire people.


Aries people are known for being independent, passionate, and short-tempered. They are also a bit stubborn. Due to this, a statement-making engagement ring turns out to be best for them. People of this zodiac sign love flashy and bold engagement rings. The dynamic shape of the marquise-cut diamond is also perfect for the people of this zodiac sign.


Leo people are known for their confidence and fierce devotion to those people who are close to them. People of this zodiac sign are highly loyal. They are highly passionate, dramatic, and creative, and love intriguing and bold engagement rings. The zodiac sign rules the sun and gold. Due to this, yellow gold is the best metal for Leo people. For them, you can also choose a large diamond or solitaire in a yellow-gold setting. Large diamond engagement rings are loved by them.


Sagittarius is a zodiac sign whose people are curious, open-minded, and optimistic. Their ruling planet is Jupiter. People of this zodiac sign love contemporary and stylish engagement rings. A gorgeous emerald three-stone engagement ring and a round center diamond engagement ring with a halo of diamonds, turn out to be perfect for them.

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are zodiac signs that are also known as earth signs. People with these signs are practical, calm, and grounded. Those who are born in Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, i.e. from December 22 to January 19, April 20 to May 20, and August 23 to September 22 are considered earth people.


Capricorn is a zodiac sign whose people are highly responsible, and disciplined. These people love family as well as tradition. People of this zodiac sign prefer engagement rings that are durable and whose beauty lasts a lifetime. They love engagement rings with round diamonds with plain bands. You can also choose a vintage engagement ring for your Capricorn partner.


Taurus people are highly practical, sensual, and devoted. They are also traditional and prefer engagement rings that are not flashy or very popular. They love being unique and thus prefer unique, vintage, and expensive rings. Rings like emerald cut engagement rings, Cushion-Cut solitaire rings with pave eternity bands or a princess-shaped ring with a halo setting usually remains their first preference.


Virgo people are highly practical and logical. They are also hardworking, kind, and loyal. People of this zodiac sign prefer engagement rings that are simple or with less work. The round diamond engagement ring rings with pale-colored gemstones and rings with channel settings always turn out to be best for them.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are air signs. They are very loving and cooperative. They are also highly creative and love being independent. Those who are born in Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, i.e. from January 20 to February 18, May 21 to June 20, and September 23 to October 22 are considered air people.


Aquarius people are creative and intellectual. They love being unique. They are known for being creative and independent. They avoid simple and traditional engagement rings. Their preference is more towards engagement rings with stunning gemstones. Solitaire aquamarine reminds their first choice.


Gemini is a zodiac sign whose people are social butterflies. They prefer attractive rings that go with their style. They are curious and talkative. Engagement rings with pear halo diamonds or customized rings remain their first choice.


Libra is a zodiac sign whose people are diplomatic, and social. People of these zodiac signs prefer engagement rings with beautiful faceted or cut-to-perfection round diamonds. You can also choose a princess-cut solitaire engagement ring for a libra person.

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are water signs. People of these zodiac signs are empathetic, romantic, and creative. Those who are born in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, i.e. from February 19 to March 20, June 21 to July 22, and October 22 to November 21 are considered water people.


Pisces people are highly romantic and gentle. People of this zodiac sign prefer round-cut engagement rings with a double halo. These people love traditional rings such as vintage engagement rings that are customized as per their style and choice.


Cancerians are highly emotional, and sympathetic. People of this zodiac sign are sentimental and imaginative. They have more interest in the old-fashioned family tradition and thus prefer vintage rings. You can also choose an emerald-cut halo engagement ring for your Cancerian partner.


Scorpion is a zodiac sign whose people are highly stylish and curious. People of this zodiac sign are also very emotional, intense, and complex. They love engagement rings with dark cushion-cut gemstones.

Final Thoughts

No doubt engagement rings on the basis of zodiac signs turn out to be a complicated process but it also helps users get the benefits of the sign. In case you do not get the perfect engagement ring as per your partner’s zodiac sign then you can also customize it as per your preference. Just make sure to choose a professional jeweler for the job.

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