Daily Sleeper linen dresses are just in time for summer!

Daily Sleeper Linen Dresses Can Make You Fall in Love Even with Hot Weather

While the temperature is significantly rising, many people opt to wear more breathable clothes. Some may say that it is impossible to look exquisite in summer when comfortably cooled down. However, it may not be true!

Sleeper, which is a Ukrainian-owned brand, has shaken the world of modern fashion with their balanced approach to creating signature garments. Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both? Loungewear, pajamas, sets – you should be comfy on any occasion and that is the silver lining of all of the Sleeper’s collections. Especially, when it comes to dresses, as they are expected to be flowy and easy on the skin, which can be kind of hard to find in summer clothing. It doesn’t matter, whether you are having a picnic with your girlfriends or going on a date in the countryside with your significant other because you always should enjoy yourself without having to worry about feeling unpleasant in your outfit.

For example, this green linen dress is a perfect opportunity to have fun outside the house, even if the sun is particularly blinding that day. It is rather crucial to be able to freely enjoy your favorite activities, while still looking absolutely stunning, and that is where linen dresses come in hand!

Make Wonderful Memories in a Lavender Dress by Sleeper

It can be surely said, that nobody likes a tight-fitting garment when a thermometer is showing you a three-digit number. Well, this beautiful dress is quite the opposite!

Cut from natural linen, it is made for those days, when you just want to relax, but still, feel graceful. The Lounge dress has a well-thought-out accent on the shoulders, making an interesting silhouette. The small, dainty ruffles direct attention to the exposed collarbone, which can be complemented with accessories like pearl necklaces or even thin chokers. The end of the dress also has ruffles, which compliments the overall theme and places emphasis on the lower half of the body. Little buttons, made from almost see-through materials, are concealed quite interestingly and don’t distract you from the completed look. 

The lavender dress by Sleeper is a maxi dress, so it cuts fairly low, still showing your legs, which can be used to spice up the outfit a little bit with some elegant loafers, lovely sandals, or maybe bold sneakers (if you definitely want to stand out from the crowd). Apart from that, you can add a belt to accentuate your waist and create a more balanced look, but you can also switch up the dress according to the occasion:

  • Use square or round sunglasses and a styled straw hat to match the beachy vibes on your vacation.
  • Add a bow or just a silk strip to your hair to give yourself a more dreamy, magical look.
  • Wear small, clean rings and earrings, and add a small bag to look more put-together while running errands in the city.


The linen material is definitely what makes this Lounge dress so special. It’s not only natural and high-quality, but it also helps to keep the dress away from being see-through (and nobody wants any surprises, especially in summer!). 

Looking Stunning…For Two!

The brand’s garments are quite famous for being inclusive when it comes to sizes and versatile when it comes to occasions. This means that with the right styling you can make up various outfits and wear them whenever you like. An outstanding bonus lies in the fact that you can wear many of the dresses as maternity clothes! 

This Sleeper Brigitte dress is an astounding addition to any wardrobe. The silhouette is fantastic, even though it is quite breezy. The petite lantern sleeves give off the feeling of a Disney princess, and the ruffle detailing is very flattering. Just like the previous dress, the Brigitte model has a charming accent on the collarbones, which makes the overall look seem very clean and comfy. The tie at the waist is also a very nice touch that can add some definition to your figure. The choice of colors of this dress is pretty broad, as it comes in light pink, light yellow, lime, and several patterns, including daisies (as can be seen in the picture), sunflowers, and pink gingham, and bouquets. 

This is an excellent choice for any formal event or dinner party. Moreover, it can be the perfect outfit for a gender reveal party or a baby shower, since it has a loose fit and would be extremely comfortable for the soon-to-be-mother. Just imagine, how flawless would it look in the maternity photo album. Way to cherish this special moment forever!

The Brigitte style is sure to turn heads and get compliments and will keep you poised even on the hottest summer days. No one can resist the look and feel of this gorgeous piece!

Embrace Self-Love Freely with Sleeper

Daily Sleeper linen dresses were designed with a particular idea in mind. That idea, which lies in the main principles of the brand, is to make loungewear fashionable, comfortable and accessible all at the same time. It is the main reason why those pieces are made with great love and respect for the bodies wearing them.

The linen dresses are one of the most popular items in the collection and it is easy to see why. The soft fabric feels amazing against the skin and it is perfect for those lazy days when you just want to lounge around in style. The flattering silhouette looks great on all body types and can be dressed up or down depending on your will.

Whether you are looking for a casual dress to wear on a weekend getaway or a more formal option for a special occasion, Sleeper has you covered. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect dress to keep you in the perfect mood!


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