What Are The Most Popular Types Of Tourism, And Why Are They?

Tourism has turned out to be an indispensable aspect of living as it rejuvenates the mind and eases tension. The tourism industry is an emerging sector of the economy, and it has immensely impacted the global world in the last few decades. Recently, the tourism industry has taken a new turn due to advancements in tourist attractions movers Myrtle Beach

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The tourism sphere is wide and still advancing. Its diverse area feeds the need of every tourist whether you’re touring for business, adventure, or pleasure. We have created a list of the 10 most popular types of tourism to cater to your educative or informative use.

  • Adventure Tourism

If you’re seeking to explore new places or things, then you should try out adventure tourism. This practice of tourism is common among youth trippers. It involves going far away from home to undertake activities such as mountain climbing, driving, diving, snowboarding, etc. in this form of tourism, you’ll tend to connect with a fresh scenery while being active in person.

  • Business Tourism

Otherwise known as corporate tourism, business tourism consists of traveling to another place far from your working environment. It is a kind of tourism specifically meant for business purposes. Corporate tourism can involve traveling to attend business summits, trade events, seminars, and workshops.

  • Medical Tourism

Health or Medical tourism is a form of tourism that involves going to another region or country to seek for medical cure. This is common among people from developing countries who travel to developed countries to seek advanced medical services. Some renowned health tourism locations include the United States, India, and Singapore.

  • Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism refers to touring another region to explore and partake in native carnivals, ceremonials, and traditional activities of other ethnic groups. Cultural tourism helps to spread the beliefs, customs, uniqueness, and richness of indigenous groups to other parts of the world. This kind of tourism is prevalent in Nigeria, India, Morocco, Kenya, and China.

  • Wildlife Tourism

Popularly regarded as a safari, wildlife tourism involves traveling to a place to explore and relate with animals, vegetation, and creatures in specific surroundings. Field trips, touring to animal liberate centers, diving with sea animals, etc., are patterns of wildlife tourism. This type of tourism has been widely recognized due to its luxuries. Wildlife tourism is popular in places like Kenya and India.

  • Religious Tourism

Spiritual or religious tourism is a form of tourism carried out exclusively or in groups to sacred spots. Some of these sacred spots are also visited by other tourists for social, archaeological, and spiritual purposes. Some prominent spiritual tourism locations in the world are Makkah, Medina, Kaola, and Jerusalem.

  • Political Tourism

Political tourism is a radical sort of tourism pursued for political reasons. This kind of tour involves traveling across shores to study the political settings in that place to learn and make constructive deductions from their set-ups. Most African and European countries are visited in this regard.

  • Honeymoon Tourism

For newly wedded couples, a honeymoon is a moment where they can get to enjoy private moments together before taking on their nuptial journey. This is normally carried out once in a lifetime for couples and as such most people devote lots of luxuries to this sort of tourism to make it a memorable one. Notable Honeymoon tourism locations are Dubai, Canada, South Africa, and Qatar.

  • Birth Tourism

Birth tourism is when people travel to another country for sake of childbearing. Most people embark on maternity tourism to acquire child-bearing citizenship. Some people travel for birth tourism for schooling or sponsorship from scholarship purposes. Popular countries that grant citizenship by birth are the UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Peru, Ukraine, the US, and most African countries.

  • Sports Tourism

Sports tourism involves partaking in or seeing international sporting events. Lovers of popular sports such as football, basketball, lawn tennis, and cricket travel to different countries to watch live matches. Generally, most sport trippers travel to watch live Global games like the world Olympics Games, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. Some tourists travel thus far to watch their favorite athletes in other to show their solidarity and love for them.



Tourism is an emerging and fast-growing sector. Several other types of tourism also attract some group of people, however, this article only covers the most popular types of tourism that are widely conferred in the public sphere and produces greater tourist mobility. Tourism has become a significant area that influences the rapid development of an economy. We hope you find this piece informative and educative and don’t forget to get VeePN on your device before you embark on your next Touring spree.

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