10 Major Mistakes To Avoid On A Florida Vacation

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. With the pandemic taking a backseat and everything coming back to normal, people have started looking at the globe and picking up the place where they will visit in 2022.

What are your plans? Where do you want to visit this year?

We know you may have already picked a place to visit in 2022, but we still want to say this – Visit Florida for your next tour.

Why Visit Florida?

You must be wondering!

For starters, you have thousand-mile-long beaches, a variety of amusement parks, vibrant nightlife, and a vast array of tourist attractions.

No matter what kind of trip you are looking to embark upon, Florida will give you everything. If you want us to define Florida in just three words, it would be – 

Beaches – When we talk about Florida, the first thing that comes to our mind is the crystal clear beaches that run along the coast for thousands of miles. Clear transparent water, soft sand, and picturesque views can satisfy your visual hunger.

Florida is full of beaches. Each beach has its distinctive vibe and allows tourists to enjoy different beaches. So whether you are looking for a lively beach like Venice Beach or a more quiet place to enjoy the calm waves at Lido Key, you will get them all.

Theme Parks – Florida is a place that is considered a great destination for a family vacation. With more than 10 major theme parks and hundreds of small versions of parks to enjoy, it is no wonder families from different nations consider it a good place to visit with children.

With Walt Disney, Islands Of Adventure, and Legoland, there are just too many places for you to engage in an enjoyable activity.

Each park carries a distinctive experience that is hard to forget.

Exuberant Nightlife – While Florida is called the Sunshine State, only when the night rolls out can you see just how bright and lively Florida is.

Florida is a state that never sleeps. With plenty of clubs and nightlife entertainment venues, Florida night cannot be compared to any other state in the USA.

Bursting with colors and different cultures mixing together, Florida is like a Gold mine for people who like to use their nightlife for urban explorations.

Major Mistakes To Avoid On A Florida Vacation

Florida is a fun place to visit and quite friendly for travelers visiting for the first time. While you might not face any problems, a few insider tips will help you make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

When we talk about Florida, people start thinking about the beaches. But Florida isn’t all about beaches. There are many things that you can enjoy other than beaches.

Apart from that, if you are in Florida and doing the things listed below, you will make major mistakes.

For instance –

1. Skipping Wine Tasting Tour

Wine is one of the staple drinks in Florida. Fortunately, wineries are growing every single year. However, if you are in Florida and skipping the wine tasting tour, you are missing a part of Florida’s culture.

Visiting Florida means you need to have a tour of one of their wineries. A couple of old wineries offer complimentary tours and let tourists see how wines are created.

2. Not Visiting The Beaches

If you are someone who has visited many beaches and think that Florida beaches might not entice you, think again. Florida beaches come in different dynamics. However, we can assure you that Florida has at least a beach that matches your vibe.

You don’t have to believe us; just visit Sandalwood Beach Resort you will know what we are talking about.

3. Not Asking Whether The Fish Is Fresh

As we have already said, Florida has various Culinary to offer. And one thing that tops the list is Fresh Fish. If you visit their local market early in the morning, you’ll be surprised to see the sheer diversity of the fish. 

However, don’t ever assume that the fish you are eating in a restaurant is fresh and locally sourced. Always ask the restaurant whether the fish on the menu is the catch of the day. If it is not, don’t order it.

It’s like an unspoken rule in Florida – you ask for disappointment if you are ordering anything that is not fresh.

4. Relying On Public Transport

Florida is a car-centered state. So, don’t expect too much from the public transport. Taking one will be more of a hassle than efficient. But, as a visitor, every moment counts; your time itself becomes the currency to trade of exuberant experiences.

Hence, instead of using public transport to move from place to place, rent a car or use rideshare services like Uber.

5. Disregarding Floridas Historic Landmarks

Your tour is never complete if you don’t visit the historic landscape of the place you tour. So let’s be frank about it. We already know how the modern world looks and what to expect from the places we visit. What we don’t know about is its historical importance.

BokTower Garden, located in central Florida, is one of the historical places you must never forget to visit. It is a place that will tell old stories about prehistoric Florida.

6. Ignoring The Street Art Scene

Florida is known for its street arts. You can even say that Wynwood is a haven for street arts. The Wynwood art district is home to more than 70 art galleries. So you can enjoy your whole day looking at that magnificent art and eat at the nearby eateries when you are tired.

While there are many eateries along the streets, one tops them all – Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. The menu is influenced by Latin (You will love it), and you can enjoy your meal with beautiful artwork all around.

7. Eating Only In The Theme Park

We are not saying the quality of food in the Theme park is bad. In fact, the mere diversity of foods can bring joy. So, if you are sticking with theme food, you are missing out on a big chunk of enjoyment.

Go out of the theme park and enjoy some local cuisine. Ask the local people about the good restaurants, visit the restaurants, and see just how tasty your plate can be in Florida.

8. Missing Out On Floridas Wilderness

Yes, Florida beaches and theme parks are extraordinary, but its natural environment is unlike any other natural place in the world. Florida is also famous for people who tour places to enjoy the adrenaline rush and enjoy wild flora and faunas.

Adventurers who like to spend their time among the wildlife must visit The Silver Spring. It is a place that perfectly defines the majestic mix of flora, fauna, and humans.

You can even spend a night on the beach and see the beaches from a different perspective, all while learning why flora and faunas are vital for the survival of Earth.

9. Missing Out On Weather Reports

No, don’t confuse Florida with the Nickname ‘Sunshine State’. Although it is known as the Sunshine States, it doesn’t mean severe weather doesn’t happen often.

During summer, afternoon storms are frequent. You might get surprised by how sunny the weather was in the morning and suddenly all stormy in the afternoon.

No matter what your plans are, always be prepared for an indoor activity in case you are caught in the afternoon storm. 

Here is a small tip – if you are visiting Florida during summer or early fall, always carry an umbrella.

10. Only Spending Time On The Beach

Yes, Florida is all about beaches. But that doesn’t mean you will spend all your time on the coats. There are other things as well which you can enjoy. 

If you plan a trip to Florida, add a no beach day to your list. Then, on that day, avoid beaches at all costs. 

Enjoy what the land has to offer. Hit the streets, see the local markets, shopping malls, historical places, restaurants, and anything that spark your interest.

Final Mistake!

One of the major mistakes most people make when they visit Florida is trying to do everything and experience everything that Florida has to offer in one trip.

Well, by doing so, you are not doing any justice to your trip. You might visit all the places you want, but will you be able to enjoy everything?

Come on! Give me one honest answer.


Florida is not a city where you can experience everything with just a single trip. It’s a state, and to enjoy everything, you either need to become a resident or visit it multiple times.

Wrapping It Up

There is nothing wrong with coming to Florida to visit the national parks, theme parks, and diverse beaches. But if you truly want to know the real Florida, you need to visit every corner of it. 

We hope that this was a helpful piece of information and you were able to learn something from it. If there is anything you want to know about Florida, feel free to contact us!

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