Top 9 Fascinating Beaches in Istanbul with the Most Iconic Scenery

You might not think of spending time at the beach when you book a hotel room in Istanbul through cheap flight booking. However, this megacity, whose center is divided by the Bosphorus Strait and whose suburbs run along the coast of the Ove Decors Marmara Sea. It goes without saying that the beaches in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara cannot offer views of the famous Turkish coast further south or the Mediterranean atmosphere.


Little BurgazAdas (Burghaz Island) is located in the Princes Islands group in the Sea of Marmara, between Kinali and Heybeli Islands. Burgaz is the second island reached by ferry on the Princes Islands route. Numerous small beaches line the island’s coast.

Among all the opportunities for sun and sand on this group of islands, the beaches of Burgaz stand out to many Princes Islands beachgoers due to their laid-back vibe. There are two free public beaches on the island: BurgazHalk Beach on the eastern shore, 500 meters south of the ferry terminal and Madam Marta Cove near the northwest tip, 1.5 kilometers west of the ferry.


Burç Beach is a private beach club known for its kite boarding and wide yellow sand beach. It is 42 kilometers north of Istanbul and nine kilometers west of the center of Kilyos along the Black Sea coast. It is a favorite of Istanbul’s chic locals because it has a stylish vibe that is focused on relaxation and elegant seaside living.

The beach club has lifeguards on duty, large platforms with bean bags and hammocks on them, and you can learn to kite surf or rent equipment from a kite surf instructor. Keep in mind that day access costs more here than it does at most paid Black Sea beaches.


Throughout the mid year, Kilyos is one of the most mind-blowing places for Istanbul inhabitants to go for a road trip loaded up with sun and ocean. Kilyos Ocean side is a somewhat significant length of yellow sand that is fixed with bistros, cafés, and little lodgings and guesthouses for short term visits.

On their sands trip, the clubs have their own eateries and bistros; water sports offices, and ordinarily a customary late spring diversion program. Because of its superb offices, Tirmata Ocean side is one of the most famous confidential ocean side clubs. It has a first class fish café, a more relaxed ocean side bar, and a ton of sunbeds in a space that is sand and yards. Through cheap flight booking you can enjoy with your family at most fascinating beaches in Istanbul.


On Istanbul’s Asian coast, Caddebostan Beach is the sandbar that is closest to the city center. It follows the Marmara Sea. The bathing areas are connected to and surrounded by the long coastal strip of Dalyan Park. It features fantastic play areas for children as well as pathways for walking and biking through the gardens.

When Turkish pop music plays across the water from June to September, Caddebostan Beach is a fun place to be on warm, sunny weekends. It is a safe option for families with young children who want to spend the day playing in the water because the water here is shallow.


Ava, a small Black Sea town 106 kilometers northeast of Istanbul. Kilimli Cove has become a popular destination for beachgoers and nature lovers.  Thanks to its tourist attractions and stunning coastline, which is right next to the city. Ava is the best place to spend a weekend away from the city.

There are many small boutique hotels and guesthouses to stay for more than a day. A coastal nature park to the east of Kilimli offers camping on its two beaches. These are connected by a walking trail that goes over and through the rocky cliffs. Kilimli Cove is located in the east.


Day trippers can choose from a few distinct stretches of sand on Büyük Ada (Büyük Island). From the Büyük Ada Ferry Terminal, shuttles take sunbathers to all of the main beaches. Nakbey Beach is the most popular choice due to its wide sunbathing platform with loungers and umbrellas perched atop rocks, direct sea access, and narrow yellow sand strip. This island, which is located to the extreme east of the Princes’ Islands, is the final stop on the ferry trip there.


The Sovereigns Islands ship makes its first stop at Knal Ada (Knal Island), which is the Sovereigns Islands group’s northernmost island in the Sea of Marmara. This does not mean that the shores of this island will be any calmer on summer weekends.

The contract pebbled strip of Onur Shoreline can be found on the eastern shore, close to the ship harbor (350 meters to the south) and facing the uneven Istanbul coast. There is a fee to enter this range, which has sun beds with umbrellas, a restaurant, and restrooms on site. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rented at the entrance to the limit strip of sand and wooden sunbathing areas directly on the ocean.


Heybeli Ada (Heybeli Island), in the Sea of Marmara, is the most popular Princes Islands destination on day trips from Istanbul. It is simple to reach some of the bays thanks to shuttles that take beachgoers to the beaches from the main Heybeli Ada ferry port.

There are a number of beaches to choose from, but the sandy Ada Beach attracts the most visitors. There is more room for sunbathing on wooden platforms built along the shore. Ada Beach, like all of the bays on Heybeli Ada, has little sand. Heybeli Ada is the third port of call for the Princes Islands ferry, which departs from the city center.


The Black Sea stands in front of one of Istanbul’s most stunning white sand beaches, backed by a rugged, forested coastline. Ilingöz is best for people who don’t want a full-service beach vacation. Unlike many other beaches, it doesn’t have many amenities.

It’s best to bring a packed lunch and everything else you’ll need for a day at the beach. If you want to see more of the coast, the nature park has trails that go through the forest and across the cliffs. It is also a popular spot for nature lovers in Istanbul looking for a break from life in the big city to spend the night camping and stargazing through cheap flight booking.

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