Top 5 social media platforms in India and how to create content for them

Earlier, social media was simply an app to pass the time and talk to friends and family over direct messages. But today, the picture of social media is changing as the tech giants are helping small businesses to easily manage their business by creating a business account on the social media app. In the last few years, we have gradually seen the market really being delivered to our doorstep and the online business grow significantly. All these changes have made social media apps even more prominent in our country. A lot of people have now started to upload content on these social media apps and are making money by just doing that. Isn’t that amazing? If you are wondering whether you can do the same or not, well the answer is here – Of course, you can!

In this article, let’s take a look at the top 5 social media platforms in india. Along with that, let’s only eat ice cream in the end.


The first and foremost on our list has to be Whatsapp. The way Whatsapp has evolved greatly in the past few months is just phenomenal. As a business, to make content on WhatsApp what you can do is make a business account and continue your passion for earning money there. As a business account, you can share texts describing various deals and posters you currently have experienced.


Another really famous social media app in India is Instagram. Even though a lot of times Instagram is considered to be a “bad” app and something that slows down anyone’s productivity. Well, you’d be shocked to know how more than 1000 successful businesses run over Instagram. People support their small businesses by making reels and other similar posts. Creating content over Instagram has become easy thanks to various video production services in India.


Oops, is there a charge for writing an article on Twitter? We hope not. Anyways, it has been seen that a lot of people do have themselves registered on twitter but either they don’t know how to run the app or they don’t know how and what content can be made to upload. Highlighting something specific. For creating content on twitter, you simply need a thought. Does it make sense to you? Yeah, that’s it. You just need to have a thought in your mind to be able to tweet on the app, and that’s it. There you have your content.


Another social media platform that is changing the lives of a lot of people dramatically is YouTube. People really become famous and rich overnight. You just have to be fateful enough as everything depends on the YouTube algorithm. However, what doesn’t matter on the YouTube algorithm is your ideas and your thoughts. You might find other artists’ videos on the same platform to be able to get inspiration for your own content.


Another really really famous social media app among people in India is Snapchat. You’d be shocked to know that Snapchat is not only about snaps and streaks and all those fun activities. Snapchat is also used in business activities and stuff and could be really beneficial for a business for giving it the exposure it needs.


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