3 Real Time Tools to Help the Modern Poker Player

To keep up with the tough opponents online today, beginners and intermediates alike need assistance in real-time. No longer can poker players rely on their intuition and gut instinct alone. You need be using software and guides whilst playing to give your opponents as tough a time as they will be giving you. If this idea is alien to you, have no fear, we are going to share a few tools you should acquire to help your overall poker game.

Printable Cheat Sheet

Simply put, a printable poker cheat sheet is a beginner’s guide on how to play poker properly. It’s an absolute must for those of you new to poker that are trying to grasp lots of things at once. By using a cheat sheet in real-time, you’ll know the basics well e.g., hand rankings, what hands to play, basic odds, etc. Most major poker training sites will offer these for free as a way to help visitors master the fundamentals of Texas Hold’em so there’s no excuse not to have your printable poker cheat sheet. Just keep it near you as you play and refer to it when you need a helping hand.

Poker Heads Up Display

Another necessity for the modern poker play is poker stat tracking software. Whilst it’s banned on a few sites, most poker sites still allow punters to use a HUD. A poker HUD is advanced poker software that reveals key information on your opponents. For instance, it will detail how many hands they are playing, how aggressively and other key tendencies too e.g. how often they 3 bet and how often they continuation bet.

A HUD isn’t free and will likely cost a subscription-free but most software providers charge a low fee and you should view them as investments rather than expenses. The amount of money you invest in them is likely to be recouped in poker winnings or reductions in poker losses.

If you have never heard of a HUD before, we recommend you Google “poker tracker” as they are a market leader in the poker stat tracking community.

Online Calculator

Last but by no means least is the simplest tool of them all, an online calculator. Texas Hold’em is heavily influenced by maths and whilst you may be able to make simple calculations mentally, many calculations require calculators. Whether you’re trying to work out the odds of making a straight on the river or estimating the probability of your hand being best on the river-facing a bet, you’ll need to calculate percentages. That’s why we recommend you keep an online calculator nearby. Fortunately, online calculators are free so there is no excuse not to use one!

There you have it, three real-time tools to help modern poker players improve their chances of success. We’re confident if you use a printable poker cheat sheet, invest in a heads-up display and keep an online calculator up whilst you play, you’ll be winning more pots, limiting your losses, and ultimately having more fun too!

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