Timber Battens: Various Styles For External Vertical Timber Cladding

Choosing external vertical timber cladding for your home is a major design choice. An appealing appearance is important, but so are reliability, solidness, dimensional stability, and adaptability to different climates. Thermally treated timber battens are ideal for use in exterior applications like cladding and decking due to their many beneficial properties. As a result of its superior beauty and practicality, thermally treated wood has quickly gained popularity among architects throughout the globe.


The outside of your building may be finished with natural wood in a variety of interesting ways. If you’re thinking about using wood as an external treatment, take a look at these current trends. For the purpose of providing motivation for your next project, we have compiled many different external vertical timber cladding designs from locations all over the globe.

Simple Vertical Lines

Horizontal orientation is not required for timber battens. To get a more modern look, try using external vertical timber cladding on the outside of your home. Straight, vertical lines give your home a contemporary appearance and the optical illusion of greater height. Alternately, experiment with various cladding orientations to arrive at a layout that suits your requirements.


The big windows and sloping roof give this structure the appearance of a contemporary family house, which is emphasised by the heat-treated wood veneer. The spectacular environment is brought to the front via the use of vertical wood planks that draw the eye across the façade and upward into the towering mountains.

Accenting with Wood

External vertical timber cladding may be utilised as an accent to provide warmth and tenderness to the structure, particularly when it is paired with other contemporary construction elements such as concrete or brick.


The contrast between the white exterior and the dark hardwood accent walls gives the building a contemporary feel. Cladding made of thermally modified ash has an elegant appearance that evokes feelings of harmony and refinement. Its contemporary, minimalistic aesthetic is enhanced by straight lines and basic geometric shapes.

Consider Small Cladding Board Lengths

The majority of builders and architects like using lengthy timber battens boards, although smaller lengths may also be very lovely in their own right. The lively appearance of the facade is achieved by using thin cladding boards made of dark brown thermo-ash. The panels have a somewhat unique, deep brown tone and a beautiful wood grain, bringing the outside walls of your house to vibrant life with a dynamic display of natural colours and light reflection.


Cladding your home is a simple operation, owing to ingenious installation techniques that provide a smooth and screwless finish. The end result is imaginative and one-of-a-kind.


This contemporary twist on country-house architecture complements the surrounding nature’s naturally rich colour palette, making it seem to have always belonged here.

Combining Profiles To Create Texture

The installation of timber battens in the form of external vertical timber cladding in a mix-and-match fashion produces a facade that is really one-of-a-kind and textured. This gives depth to an attractive display of shadows.


The façade is covered with elegant thermo-ash cladding, which gives it an opulent, exotic aspect that is also rich in texture and depth. This dense and dependable hardwood has been heat-treated, and it has an excellent quality that allows it to withstand the most severe weather conditions. The deep chocolate hue of thermo-ash cladding may be maintained by applying UV-protection oil in several coats on a regular basis.

Wood Slats

The creative potential of wooden slats is vast. They may be installed horizontally or vertically, and they can be used to clad the whole structure or only certain sections of it. Slender timber battens, spaced at regular intervals, are used to cover the outside, creating a consistent appearance without blocking the view inside.


Carbon-negative skyscrapers make a significant environmental statement. Almost the whole building is encased in thermally treated pine wood slats that give natural shade while allowing plenty of light in. This co-working space is a breathtaking example of cutting-edge architectural design and technology.

Cladding Made of Natural Grey Wood

Weathered wood’s superb aesthetics provide charm and everlasting appeal to the walls. When allowed to age naturally, the colour of thermally treated timber battens disappears. The untreated natural wood veneer acquires a silvery grey patina over time without compromising its resilience or weather resistance.


Create a dignified appearance that is tailored to your preferences by incorporating the sophisticated and one-of-a-kind aged colour into the overall external design and the natural setting. In addition to this, naturally weathered cladding does not need any kind of upkeep.

Wrap Up

The aesthetics, as well as the better quality of thermally modified natural timber cladding, have inspired a great number of inventive and imaginative concepts for outdoor wood cladding.


It is possible to employ external vertical timber cladding in an almost infinite number of imaginative ways to create public and private spaces that are better for both people and the environment. Think of extending the outer walls of your house out into the garden and complementing your home by constructing a wooden fence or dividing walls out of wood. You might also use it to make garden furniture, fences, a patio, or an outbuilding in order to create an outdoor refuge that is a reflection of your sense of style and individuality.

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