Bathroom Flooring Trends for Your Home in 2023: 4 Innovative Ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect bathroom flooring in 2023, you have traditional choices, like tiling, vinyl and eco materials, like cork. The popularity of newer materials is trending, offering you a wide range of state-of-the art, imaginative solutions.

The big advantage with these new types of flooring is that you can use the same flooring, if you choose, right throughout your home.

Choose exciting and advanced flooring for your bathrooms

Traditionally, bathrooms were considered separate, unique spaces, with unique requirements. However in New Zealand today, the primary trend is for open living. Using the same flooring adds to the feelings of space, and ease.

Modern types of advanced flooring, such as hybrid flooring and laminates can be used in any room, including bathrooms.

Bathroom floors need to stand up to daily traffic, so they must be tough, and unaffected by humidity and moisture. Modern materials are designed to meet these needs with style and comfort.

Here are some modern bathroom flooring ideas. Visit your local supplier to explore colours and patterns, as well as the look and feel of these trending materials.

  1. New hybrid flooring: designed to be ultra-tough and practical

Since it’s tough, unaffected by heat up to 80° C, and looks great as well, hybrid flooring is often chosen by fashionable designers for high-end and contemporary homes. It’s an excellent choice for the outdoor living areas of your home, as well as bathrooms.

Manufactured in several bonded layers, hybrid flooring combines the advantages of materials such as laminates and vinyl. You only see the “wear” layer, the top surface, which includes a UV coating: feel free to use it in areas of your home affected by direct sunlight—the flooring won’t degrade and is fade resistant. This quartz enhanced coating provides exceptional resistance to scuffs, stains and indents in areas with heavy foot traffic.

The “core” of hybrid flooring is a solid stone or rigid layer, of natural limestone composite material. This layer aids durability and moisture resistance, and maintains the flooring’s stability.

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The bottom layer adds softness and comfort, much as is provided by carpeting’s underlay. Moreover, this base layer helps to muffle sound.

Check out hybrid flooring at your favourite retailer. Timber designs are popular, in light or dark shades. Chances are, you’ll love this trendy flooring material.

  1. The decorator’s choice: vinyl planks offer hard wear as well as great looks

Always popular, vinyl flooring is now available as planks.

Traditionally used as an alternative to natural rubber, vinyl has similar advantages: it’s hardwearing, comfortable underfoot, and offers excellent heat and moisture resistance.

Splash water on vinyl planks with abandon; a quick wipe, and your floor is dry and clean.

Although vinyl planks look expensive, they’re budget-friendly, and simple to maintain. They stand up to almost anything kids and pets can deliver.

Often chosen to mimic timber flooring, vinyl planks look like real timber. They’re a good choice for bathrooms, because they’re free of the disadvantages of wood, water resistant and low maintenance.

Explore options with your retailer. Whatever your home décor, you’ll find vinyl planks to match.

  1. New laminates: modern and trendy for bathroom flooring

Unlike old-style laminate floors, modern laminates are engineered to stand up to hard wear in any room of your home, including bathrooms. These real life wood or stone-look flooring types may appear luxurious and expensive, but they’re a budget and family friendly choice.

Be advised by your retailer. Look for moisture-resistant laminates, specially designed for modern bathroom flooring. These floors are manufactured with a wear layer to protect the laminate, as well as an under layer, so that laminate flooring feels comfortable underfoot, as well as looking great.

You’ll find a wide range of colours and designs to complement any home décor at your supplier.

  1. Tough and hardwearing, consider trendy sheet vinyl for your bathrooms

Popular years ago, re-imagined and engineered sheet vinyl is back, better and more comfortable than it has ever been. It’s been rediscovered by trend-setters, because it’s an excellent and budget-friendly choice for any home, and great for bathrooms.

Sheet vinyl delivers everything you expect from bathroom flooring. Not only is it heat and moisture resistant, it won’t become slippery when wet. It’s easy to clean, and is pet and family friendly. Best of all, it looks and feels amazing.

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If you’re used to grim concrete floors, sheet vinyl will be a revelation. It’s warm, comfortable, and gentle on bare feet, so children enjoy it as much as adults — kids won’t avoid bath time.

Explore the latest sheet vinyl designs and patterns with your retailer you will be pleasantly surprised how far vinyl flooring has come. You’ve an immense choice of colours and designs. If you love a particular design, be assured that sheet vinyl is at home in any room.

Visit your flooring retailer today, to explore new and fashionable bathroom flooring

Intrigued by the new types of bathroom flooring? They’re trendy because they look great, but also because they have many advantages for the modern home and can be more budget-friendly too.

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