Bathroom renovation in New York

It is recommended to entrust the execution of bathroom repairs in New York to professional specialists. Bathroom stores near me New Bathroom Style can recommend you some reliable contractors.

Bathroom renovation is a laborious process that involves many nuances and requires special preparation. It is challenging to cope with such work on your own.

Features of a bathroom renovation in New York

The same preparatory stage, the same laying of tiles, and plumbing installation (for example, in the kitchen). But why is the repair of a bathroom so tricky? The answer lies in the peculiarities of the operation of this room:

• High humidity;

• Significant load on plumbing equipment and modern vanities

• High vapor production.

These factors determine the increased requirements for finishing the bathroom, as well as the equipment and coatings installed in it.

Professional bathroom finishing – the main advantages

Recently, turnkey bathroom renovation in New York has been gaining more and more popularity. A team of professionals performs this type of service. Contractors independently carry out all stages of repair work: from cleaning surfaces to checking installed coatings.

The main advantage of this type of service is that you do not have to look for individual specialists on your own (for cladding/plumbing installation /electrical installation) and organize the work of each master separately. All that is required of you, in this case, is a clear announcement of your requirements, expectations, and regular verification of the completed stages.

Work team order

You can order a team of specialists to perform bathroom repairs in New York. New Bathroom Style can help find a professional who will guarantee full compliance with the result of their work with your expectations, as well as the high quality of each service. To get a preliminary consultation about bathroom furniture and renovation – use the feedback form on the contact us page.

Small bathroom renovation starts with planning

Your bathroom will need to be repaired much less often if the work is thought out, and you will constantly monitor its condition, eliminating problems that arise promptly.

Initially, an assessment of the state of the bathroom should be carried out. For this, you need:

Assess the condition of plumbing and pipes, paying particular attention to hard-to-reach places.

Measure the height of the walls at different points in the room from floor to ceiling and the distance between them. Thus, it is possible to determine how much the surfaces need leveling and adjustment.

Evaluate the condition of the ceiling, floor, walls, how much the finish needs to be replaced. And whether there are any accumulations of fungus and mold on it, which indicate damage to the coating.

To assess the condition of ventilation, it may be necessary to strengthen it by installing an additional fan.

The preparatory stage allows you to assess the condition of the premises, determine the materials necessary for the repair, their quantity, and therefore the future costs.

Professional tips for renovating a small bathroom

Specialists often use a variety of methods and techniques to make even the tiniest bathroom spacious and comfortable. The right design and placement of all items and 36 inch bathroom vanity greatly enhance its attractiveness and functionality.

Several design solutions:

• Pay attention to the bathroom door. Replacing it with a sliding model, you can significantly save space in the hallway near the bathroom. In addition, you can choose a light model made of translucent glass instead of a massive structure.

• Orientation of wall and floor tiles. The size and directional laying of it allow you to expand the room visually. You can also combine tiles of different colors, textures, and sizes.

• Lockers. They should be placed in the most convenient places (under and above the bathroom, under the sink, in the corners, etc.); it is preferable to choose sliding doors.

• Install a LED mirror above the vanity with a sink. It will not only perform valuable functions but also increase the room visually.

• If you replace an ordinary bathtub with a modern shower cabin, you can get a lot of usable space to install a washing machine or other equipment.

As you can see, starting the renovation of a small bathroom, you must pay sufficient attention to every little thing. Every stage efficiently and competently places all its components – plumbing equipment, household appliances, shelves, cabinets, and much more. Using modern technologies of visual expansion of space, compact sanitary ware, and furniture, you can consistently achieve the result that meets your expectations.

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