The Growth of Video Means New Marketing Opportunities

The popularity of video continues to grow. It’s one of the most engaged with forms of content on social media. The fastest growing social platform — TikTok — is entirely based on short-form video content. People who are interested in consuming videos have more options than ever.

This development is great news for anybody who enjoys viewing videos on multiple platforms. It’s also good news for marketers. Keep reading to learn why marketers should be focused on video and how they can make it work for them SMM Services .

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a very broad term. It covers a wide spectrum of marketing and advertising that uses video as the primary means of communicating the features and benefits of a product, service, or brand.

It includes live video, influencer or sponsored video, pre-roll or in-video ads, banner ads, and video product placement.

How Do Brands Benefit from Video Marketing?

Any brand that uses video marketing has a greater chance of reaching a large audience. This reality is proven by the popularity of video streaming and the fact that social media platforms are all heavily invested in supporting video content. Here are some other benefits:

Boosts SEO

When Google ranks sites for search, relevance and value are the two most important factors. Remember that Google’s objective is to improve the user experience for people using their search engine.

If Google encounters a robust mix of visuals, text, and video on your site, that may be taken as an indication that your page is rich with relevant information. Additionally, users tend to stay on pages with videos for longer periods of time. This dwell time improves other metrics that are used to determine search rankings.

Increases Brand Recall

Ideally, when someone watches your marketing video, they decide to convert right away. If not, there’s still hope. Video helps create a connection between your brand and the viewer.

Even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase at the moment, that connection remains and can increase brand recall. This recall is important later on when they do need your products or services or encounter an opportunity to recommend them to others.

Earns More and Better Leads

When used correctly, video ads can influence people to convert and move them through the sales funnel much more efficiently than other forms of marketing. Video is engaging, and it can highlight product features in ways that other content formats can’t.

In addition, search engines and social media platforms prioritize video content. That means your video posts are more likely to get in front of a wider audience.

This combination of engaging content and reach will help you attract more leads. The level of detail you can provide in your marketing video will also help to prequalify leads, ensuring a higher rate of conversions later.

Getting Results with Video Marketing

How do you maximize the potential for your marketing videos to achieve the benefits listed above and help you work towards your goals?

Work from a Video Marketing Strategy

The most effective marketing videos start with a plan. This reality is true even for live videos or videos that appear to be fun and casual.

Your video marketing strategy should detail your:

  • Target audience
  • Marketing goals
  • Preferred platforms
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Metrics

Depending on the nature of your video, you may also plan out your location, scripts, and talent during video production planning.

Align Videos with Your Branding

Ideally, your website, print ads, social media content, and other marketing assets are all branded. This approach ensures that your marketing content is uniquely identified as your own. As you create and promote marketing videos, you must retain the same level of commitment to your branding identity.

Take into consideration your messaging, tone, and visuals during video production. You want to ensure that you aren’t contradicting the branding you’ve worked hard to establish.

Ensure Production Values Are Correct

As you go through the video content production process, keep your focus on production values. Your goal should be to produce a high-quality video that achieves high levels of engagement.

It’s also important to consider where you plan to publish your marketing videos. Different platforms may have different technical requirements for your videos. Ultimately, you want an end-product that is engaging for the viewer, answers any questions or concerns they have, and is perfectly optimized for the platform you choose.

The Timing Is Perfect for Video Marketing

The growth of video’s popularity has created an ideal opportunity for brands to use video marketing to reach wide audiences. As long as you approach the process with a solid strategy, you can get your products in front of a larger audience using video.

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