The Best Shopify Themes for Fashion Store

When it comes to factors influencing the conversion of an online store, among other things, the design and functionality of the interface play an important role. Whether the user makes an order or not, in many cases it depends on the design and usability of the site: the quality of photos, the choice of colors, notification of the timing and cost of delivery on the product page, the type of basket, the ability to add goods to the wish-list and much more. The functionality of the site largely depends on the choice of theme, of which there are a huge number at the moment.

Choosing a theme is one of the first and main aspects when creating a Shopify store (try shopify store development services). You have the opportunity to consider the most relevant Shopify themes in 2022, their competitive advantages and cost.

Should you pay or not?

The Shopify platform has a store with a large number of both free and paid themes. Often those who are just launching their first store use one of the free themes: Brooklyn, Debut, Venture, Supply.

In order to understand the principle of the platform, a free theme may be more than enough. However, for a full launch of the store, we recommend installing one of the paid themes. They have wider functionality, as well as add individuality to online stores. If you install a theme with wide functionality and clean code, your site will have excellent results in conversion, speed and other important indicators.

Further in the article, are the best examples of paid themes that will certainly distinguish your store from the rest and bring it to a significantly new level. Many of the themes described below are sold in the ThemeForest store. Promotions are often held in the store, so the prices presented below in the article may be much lower in certain periods.

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Turbo Portland

Turbo Portland is a versatile and stylish premium theme with extraordinary performance and speed. The theme is especially popular among many experienced sellers, who are looking for functional solutions and adaptive design. Turbo is suitable for large stores with a wide range of products.

Among the advantages:

  • The name Turbo directly follows the main advantage of the theme is the high download speed regardless of the number of goods loaded.
  • A number of functions are also built into this purpose, such as delayed image loading, accelerated viewing function and HTML compression.
  • A wide range of functions directly for eCommerce: site search, creation of various banners and promotional offers, mega-menu with the ability to insert a large number of elements, including images.
  • A large number of high quality and performance page templates: several product page options, different information page templates and blog pages.

Price: $350


The theme is really versatile and suitable for promoting the product of any niche. Suitable for those who are looking for a premium Shopify theme. For some, the disadvantage of the theme is that it is not able to make a drawer / AJAX Cart.

Wokiee is also a versatile premium theme that fits almost any Shopify store and niche, thanks to its universal design. The theme is quite variable and easy to customize. However, unprepared themes may have difficulties when setting up due to the abundance of design options and functions.

Among the advantages:

  • Released recently: modern and relevant theme.
  • High download speed (a tangible advantage for SEO).
  • More than 27 homepage layouts for any store, various page templates.Full control over the design and design of the product page.
  • A wide range of built-in tools for e-commerce: mega-menu, integration with social networks, search with AJAX, etc.

Price: $99


Avone is a multifunctional theme suitable for almost any online store. The theme is suitable for those for whom simplicity, concise design and user experience are important. Avone will allow you to customize the store for almost any request and design, thanks to a huge number of built-in tools.

Among the advantages:

  • Minimalistic design that creates a sense of freshness, lightness and modernity of the idea, regardless of the product you offer.
  • 18 home page templates.
  • Flexibility in configuration. Despite the simplicity of the design, the theme is quite functional and variable. You can use up to 1000 built-in configuration tools.
  • The theme is fully adapted for mobile devices.
  • Operational support.

Price: $79

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